Week 93: La semana de la Navidad 2015, December 26, 2015

Nos fue muy muy bien y pasamos una bonita navidad.

This week has been a great one! More CHristmas parties with the missionaries and more dressing up as Santa. More eating delicious Paneton and even some gifts from my mom and other people.
I really do love Christmas and thank goodness that we are able to feel the true Christmas spirit which is Jesus Christ our Savior. He is the reason we celebrate and sing and give and recieve. Because of Him all of the joy and happiness and magic that we feel in this season, and any season is possible and long lasting. It has been wonderful getting to know Him in many ways and coming closer to Him. He has blessed my life in so many ways that im sure i am not aware of them all. I am so greatful for Him and all that He has done, still does, and will do.
Sometimes Christmas is hard for lots of people. I hope that you all were able to have a wonderful time. That maybe it wasnt possible to give or recieve as much as was desired. But i hope that you were at least able to feel the magic and the true spirit of Christmas which is Christ theLord.
I know that it is short today, but i dont have much more time nor more to say. I hope you enjoy some Merry Christmas photos and that you all have a wonderful and safe Nerw YEars celebration this week. Heres to a wonderful and productive 2016!
Con amor,
Elder Gibson

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Week 92: Feliz Navidad, Huaraz Style. December 19, 2015

Buenas Tardes!

Les escribo desde Huaraz hoy dia, después de una gran celebración navideña.
This week has been pretty good. We were able ot do some good stuff in the office on Monday tuesday and Wednesday. We also were able to proselyte a little bit. We are visiting a couple less active sisters and doing all we can so that they can read the Book of Mormon, because they really need it. They are great sisters and have lots of faith, its really fun to visit them. THursday we were in the office all day getting things ready for the trip that we are on this weekend. Thursday night at 10pm we got on a bus to huaraz. It was the worst. I didnt really sleep at all, and it was kind of hot. But, i survived, so im not complaining. We got into Huaraz at 5:30 in the morning, slept another 40 minutes and then we started interviews at 8am. Crazy morning. Hard to stay awake for some of the interviews. But the Lord strengthened me and we were able to feel the spirit really strong and help some missionaries. In the afternoon we had a few things to get ready for transfers, and in the evening we got to hang out in the rain for like 30 minutes waiting for a taxi. It was awesome. I was pretty tired but i just kept trying to go and the Lord helped Elder Weber and i. Then we had a delicious dinner of fried fish and then Elder Weber say a guy that he used to teach when he was here, they said hello and gave each other a hug. Then we were getting things ready for this morning and the same guy called elder weber. THe guy is named Manuel and he was with the ELders, and he called elder Weber to tell him he wants to get baptized today, Saturday, and the wants Elder Weber to baptize him. How awesome is that! The Lord works in mysterious ways, adn he knew that we would be here, so he prepared Manuel, so tonight well be going to the baptismal service, which is going to be awesome!
Anyway, today has been pretty crazy, We had a Christmas Devotional in Huaraz with the zone of 20 missionaries. We had lots of musical numbers and we watched lots of church christmas videos. It was awesome! I really felt the spirit, and i know that the reason we celebrate, the reason we sing is because Jesus Christ is our Savior. He was sent by His Father in HEaven to come to the Earth to save and atone for all of mankind. 200 years ago this our Savior was humbly born to Mary and Jospeh and know he reings as a resurrected God in order to help us return to His presence. i love Him and i love Christmas because of Him. Also, i had a ton of fun today because io got to dress up as Sant and hand out gifts to the zone, it was awesome, and we have 2 mor devotionals just like it coming up. Im super pumped.
Anyway,love you all! Remeber the real reason we celebrate and please think about Jesus Christ this week as we sing and praise Him and His birth.
Love you guys so much!
Elder Gibson!
Merry Christmas!

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Week 91: Another Week, December 12, 2015

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Week 90: I’m Tired, December 5, 2015

Its been one of the most different weeks of my whole mission.

The month of December is interviews month in la Misión Perú Trujillo Sur. Since we are the asistants we also take part in the interviews, of course its not really like an interview, but more like a short personalized training for each companionship. It has been pretty fun but also super tiring. This week we did 3 of the 8 zones, and i am so wiped out.
Anyway when President Uceda was here he showed and told us of the great power in the DvDs called Preach My Gospel the District 1 and 2. THe church filmed real missionaries teaching real people and each companionship has segments of that filming in order to help us all apply certain points, principles, and doctrines of Preach My Gospel to our teaching. Anyway, Elder Uceda said that we need to be reviewing them everyday and studying them. He promised us that as we do so we will become more persuasive teachers, more efficient teachers, and we will get closer to teaching the way that the Saviour teaches. Which is so important as we represent him and as we share his gospel to everyone on earth.
So as the asistants we are doing a companionship study with each companionship and we are helping them analyze and learn from a certain segment of their choosing. Its been awesome. The segments are from 3 to 8 minutes long and it shows a part of a lesson that the missionaries have where they really help the people understand something, but more importantly where they help the people DO something. Elder Uceda repeated the phrase, “Teaching is not talking. Teaching is discerning and doing things with the people!” So that is our big focus. We need to help people so that they can begin to pray, pray with real intent and look to connect themselves with the Lord. Also, we are to help them read the Book of Mormon, because if someone reads the Book of Mormon, they can and will feel the spirit and get to know their Saviour. We also need to help people attend church, because if someone is looking for the true church of christ, they need to come and see what it is like. So, that is our focus with the missionaries. We are helping them look for things in the videos that they can apply to their teaching methods, and to the people they are helping, and as they do so they and we have the promise that well be better teachers.
It has been a fun experience. I have felt the Holy Spirit in different ways this week .And even though we have seen each segment numerous times, i continue to find things that i didnt see before, and i like it.
I hope you all are having a great week. I didnt take not one photo again, sorry..
Keep praying and keep reading the book of mormon and go to church. You have only to gain and come closer to the Lord.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
ps if you want photos, there might be some here:
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Week 89: La Gira Misional, November 28, 2015

This has been one of the most interesting weeks of my mission.

All started Wednesday morning, a member of the 1st Quorum f the 70, Elder Juan A Uceda came to the mission. We have had so far 2 multi zone meetings with him, a mission leadership training, 2 ward and stake council trainings, and my companion, president Rios, and i had a 2 hour meeting with him. So, i am learning a whole lot. A little bit about administration, delegating, working in stressful conditions, how to behave in the presence of a general authority, etc. But, the most important thing that i am learning has to do with how to study the scriptures better, and what really is the purpose of a missionary in these the latter days.
Ill do what i can to share a few things that i have learned.
About scripture study, Elder Uceda had (in the multi zone meeting) an elder draw a chess board on the white board, and asked us how many squares there are, as missionaries shouted out different answers, i was trying to see as many as i could, and, well, i wasnt close in the end, haha. There are 204 squares in a normal 8×8 chess board. Crazy. Elder Uceda related that to the scriptures, we can read the scriptures evevry day, adn we should, but most of the time we fall into superficial reading and we miss all the “squares” or all of the doctrines and principles that the scriptures really have for us. Elder Uced spent a couple hours on WEdnesday nd Friday explaining, one verse of scripture to us. To be honest, it was the coolest thing ever! I loved it, adn i am so pumped to get really good at seeing all the squares in the scriptures so that i can have spiritual power. Spiritualy power to help other people come to know the true gospel of jesus christ, but also spiritual power to over come difficulties that so frequently come into our lives. I tried these techniques this morning, and i was able to learn a lot from a verse i had read many times before. I testify that as we study in this way, and as we realy strive to find all that the scriptures have for us, we will see new things and the scriptures will become more and more marvelous every time we read them. Im excited to keep trying and looking for those answers.
On thursday we had a meeting with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders. Elder Uceda had the results of a Preach My Gospel survey that the mission took in September, and so he had  a few points to talk about, but we ended up talking about the missionary purpose, and a few vital things we have to do as missionaries to make sure that purpose is fulfilled. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the Restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end. We are not here to baptize the whole world as fast as we can. We are here to help people build their faith, and we have no hope of helping them if we are not building our own faith every chance we get. We help people build their faith when they Pray, when they really learn how to converse with their father in heaven and connect to him. we help them when they read the book of mormon, or we read with them, so that they can here the voice of the Lord in ther lives, and we help them build their faith when they attend church and feel the spirit. These are things that i have done what i can to help people do in my mission, i dont wannasay that i already knew all that, but looking back i have been able to help people really pray an really read, and it has made all the difference, sometimes i fell into the trap of jus talking and talking and talking through the lessons, and elder uceda helped us all see the much better more effective way. I testify that if missionaries all over the world can help people do these three things, we will have stong members coming inot the church, and we will ahve a strong church.
Anyway. i am learning so much more, and i am so greatful to be here. I love the Book of Mormon and i love helping people get to know it as well. I hope you all have a wonderful week and i hope that you all can personally connect to God and feel the joy He has for you.
Elder Gibson
heres a photo from a few weeks ago..
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Week 88: Said Goodbye. November 21, 2015

to two of my companions this week. They honorably finished their missions. Elder Meaker returned to Bellingham Washington and Elder Cruz returned to San Pedro Suli Hondorus.. Great guys and great examples, hard to say goodbye. Signals that im getting close to the end..

Anyway we had a pretty good week this week. We got to welcome 21 new missionaries to the Peru Trujillo South Mission, it was lots of fun and these missionaries are super excited to be here. I like saying hello to new missionaries much more than i like saying goodbye. Anyway we were with them all day, helped them get to know their companions and get on their way to their areas. Great people, all of them.
THen we spent a lot of the week getting ready for the visit from Elder Uceda, our area president will be visiting the mission starting next Wednesday, and i am way nervous. Im not sure what its going to be like, but it is going to be lots of traveling, and lots of work. But it should be good. Im hoping to learn a lot, and trusting that the Lord will help me with that. On Thursday night we went down to Chimbote and were there until Friday afternoon. It was great we were able to be with the zone leaders and help them get a picture of what the next week is going to be like. They are going to have to help us out a lot, so were letting em all know as much as we do about what its gonna be like. Then it rained last night, which is super rare for Trujillo, but for two months everyone has been talking about the phenomenon called El Niño, when its supposed to rain real hard, we all thought it was starting, but nothing, totally dry today. Oh well.
This week i have been ponderizing a verse in Moroni, and since i do it spanish, ima quote it in spanish. “Y Cristo ha dicho: Si tenéis fe en mí, tendréis poder para hacer cualquier cosa que me sea conveniente.” Moroni 7:33. Its awesome how powerful Faith is especially when we put it into our works. I was also thinking a lot about how the Lord and the Spirit want all of us to return to Their presence, but they will not force us because they respect our agency, and even when it comes down to spiritual guidance, if we have made a decision in our hearts, the spirit cant change it until we decide to be willing to follow what the spirit says even if its contrary to what we had previously thought. Very interesting how that works, but im greatful that the Lord respects my agency, and that He does everything He can to help me and all of His children come unto Him, choose His path and follow His gospel, because when we do things go so much better, and we are so much happier.
Anyway, i love you all! Keep acting on your faith in the Lord Jsus Christ, and stay willing to do His will when prompted so by the Holy Ghost. Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
heres me saying goodbye to elder meaker and elder cruz.

The handle on his luggage broke! It lasted through almost two years of almost constant, dragging and pulling!


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Week 87: I felt a lot. November 14, 2015

This week was great.

The biggest thing that happened was the Leadership Council on Thursday. The whole week was spent getting ready for that meeting, it was pretty cool. We spent a lot of the time talking about numbers, the indicators of the mission. We are putting a focus on finding new people to teach through referrals from members, recent aconverts, and less active members. The zone leaders were really open to share their ideas and plans and things that they have done to have such great success. It was really great. But the best part was that as we prepared for it, and as we were there with the missionaries, the spirit said again and again that these missionaries are so wonderful. As we prepared, and as i got my part ready i felt impressed to leave some time to share my testimony and thank the missionaries for their success. i was also praying the spirit of the lord would be there as we shared and counciled with them. Then in the meeting as i listened to the elders and sisters share, and as i waitched them interract and be with each other, the spirit said to me so strongly, that the mission is in the right hands. These missionaries, and i guess me included, are called of God. a true, living, powerfull and loving God who wants our happiness and wants all of his children to be happy. Im not sure how, but the Holy Ghost works so well in making the work move forward and in helping all of Gods children feel His spirit and his love. So, i was able to share that with the missionaries and also talk about how we as a mission can better use the members that we have. Then when i was done my new companion, Elder Weber from Oregon got up, and he was super nervous to be up there, and he had a lot prepared and no time at all. But as he was sharing the Spirit confirmed to me again that he is the guy. He is here to be my companion and to help me learn a ton and to help lead the mission. It was awesome.
I am so greatful for my Lord who has allowed me to recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and how that gift has been a large part of my life. I love it so much and am so greatful for it.
Love you all as well” I hope you can get thrugh these spelling mistakes and scattered thoughts .
Elder Gibson
no photos cuz i didnt take any this week… sorry
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