Week 99: The Last Email, February 6, 2016

Well, family and friends my mission ends on Monday. I begin my long day of travel at 6:30pm Monday and arrive in Salt Lake Tuesday at 4pm. I have loved my time here in Peru. I have come to love these amazing people and their traditions. I have come to know my Savior Jesus Christ in ways that i never had imagined. I know He lives, i know He is real and i know He loves us. He worked, does work and will keep working so hard to help us all come back to Him and His Father. I know that i came here to help people get to know and come close to Him and His light, love and gospel. I know that everyone one of us is a child, a blessed and loved child of God. I know that we can all make it back to Him and His presence, if it just be our goal to let Him guide lead and protect us.

I thank you all for your support and love towards me but even more important towards my family. You have all helped in many ways. It will be good to see most of you, but i will also be sad to leave this country and these people. I hope to make it back someday to see them all.
Please ocntinue to read the Book of Mormon and to pray each day. These things will protect and bless you all. It will enlighten your minds and lift your spirits. When i see you again we can talk about all of this that has happened in these two years. But i would like that you all know and remember the testimony that i have given week after week.
Thanks again, let me know if i can help in anything.
Elder Gibson
p.s. Please write and give just the same, or even better and more, support to the other Elder Gibson who is preparing himself a to leave and serve just as i did. Let him know that you are there for him, and strengthen him in his faith and work. Thanks.
p.s.s. there arent any photos again, not sure what has happened, but it just wont let me..
From the mission blog:

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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