Week 97: Great Week, January 25, 2016

It was a great week. Before i start i have to warn that i am in a pretty lame internet cafe, as in the keyboard is not very good and i cant send fotos…

This week we have been out of the office pretty much the whole time! Its awesome! Monday night we weent down to chimbote and on tuesday we wee with one of the zones in their monthly zone training, it was really fun. they are all gret missionaries. Wednesday there was an amazing world wide missionary transmission that we watched in Chimbote, talking about teaching repentance and baptizing converts, it was excellent. Ater wards we went to another chimbote one and spent the aaafternoon visiting with the elders. opn Thusdy we joined the third chimote zone for their zone training and we loved it they did an excellent job! That evening we returned to tujillo. Friday we spent in the office and saturday morning. Saturday evening we made our way to the southern most zone, Casma! the trip went well. Since then we hae een in casma and we going to be here until tomorrow evening. i love it here it is one of my favorite cities in the mission, adn the missionaries here are extraordinary. i love em and we have had such a blast beng with them these few days.
I dont have much more to say, sory guys. its really ahrd to get nythinf written with this computer. i love you all, keep reading the book of mormon and praying! hae a great wek!
Ede Gibson
no photos this wee becuse of the compu. .. mayye next week!

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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