Week 96: Semana 3, January 16, 2016

Una buena semana. Hicimos mucho y disfruté bastante estar en el Templo de Trujillo.

We had a pretty good week this week. On Monday and Tuesday we were preparing for what we did on Wednesday. We had a meeting for all of the District Leaders, all of the Zone Leaders and all of the Sister Training Leaders. It was awesome. We were really stressing out over the planning and preparing of the part of the training that was going to be ours. Reading a lot of scriptures, and parts in Preach My Gospel, etc. Wednesday came, and as usual we had a stressfull hour setting it up as things were forgotten in the mission office, or things stopped working in the chappel, etc. But we were eventually able to start and it went really well. The mission leaders were engaged in the conversation and we were edified. The biggest downside was that Elder Weber and i were not able to share our part that we had prepared. The time caught up to us. We had to eat at 1:30 because the temple had reserved a session for us at 4pm. So, we cut out our part, sadly, and then we had a great pizza lunch and then headed to the temple. It was such a joy to be in the temple. I love the house of the Lord and learn so much as i go there. It was a strength for us all.
On Thursday i was able to spend all afternoon out of the office! It was great. I was able to spend the afternoon and morning Friday with a companionship of zone leaders in a zone here in Trujillo. I loved it! I loved being in the streets again and being able to be with the people, keep speaking spanish and helping them get to know the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved it! I was also able to enjoy myself being with the zone leaders. One of them, Elder Diaz actually came with me from the MTC in Lima to Trujillo, and while we were in Lima we went proselyting once and got to spend  a few hours together. To be able to do the same almost two years later was awesome. We both have grown a lot, and i loved being in his area getting to know the people there. It was awesome.
Anyway, thats pretty much all that happened. The missionary department has advised mission presidents of a few changes, well not changes, just old habbits that they want to correct, so here in the mission a few things are going to change. But, were excited for them and they should help us and the work continue to progress.
I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for everything! Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
here are a photos from a few months ago, i didnt take any this week, sorry..

From the mission blog:



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