Week 95: esta semana se fue volando, January 9, 2016

Its true! This week went really fast.

We have been visiting with the stake presidents to try and aline their keys with president Rios´s keys. It has been great. The stake presidents are really excited to keep working and they each have goals and vision for their stake to continue to grow. We are excited to work with them this year to help them achieve these goals. On Wednesday we went down to Chimbote to meet with the stake down there, we were only able to meet with 2 of the three, but the meetings went really well. The zone leaders and sister training leaders are also excitd to continue to work and help the stake with their goals. We really do have wonderful missionaries in the mission. They work hard and are excied, which hleps me work hard and be excited. THursday we were with a zone, La zona Chimbote Buenos Aires, and we were able to help them with their weekly planning, it was a great meeting. Then on our way to Casma, we stopped at a beach called Tortugas. On eof President´s favorite restuarants is there, and so we had the rare opportunity of eathing lunch with president in a restuarant on the beach. The food was super tasty. Here they call it Chicharrón de Pescado. Its fried fish bites, and with a lot of lime juice, it is super tasty. Then we made it to Casma. Casma is a mission distritc, so President Rios has the keys over the district, so the meeting was a little different, because he can kind of lead it, so we made some great plans and goals with the district president and zone leaders there, i loved it. I love going to Casma because its the zone i started in and i have many memories in that chappel. Afterwards we got back in the car to get to Virú, three hours away. I slept a lot of the way, it was awesome. Then we got to Virú a little early, but just in time for the district president to arrive. He was pretty nervous. He is a real humble man, and sometimes that causes him to be really nervous aroud president rios, but we also were able to make some great plans and goals with him, the zone leaders, and the senior couple we have in the mission. It was awesome. Then as we were leaving i got to stop and say hello to Victor and Rosa, a couple we helped get married and baptized last year when i was in Virú. It was so awesome to see them and how they are doing. They are atending regularily and the elders still visit them to help them. Also, their two oldest daughters have started to come to church as well. What a joy it was to see them and how they are doing! Then we made it back by bed time. Friday was a good day here in the office, getting things ready for the meeting we have on Wednesday. well be meeting with all of the zone, district, and sister leaders, to start the year off right. Im excited, but there are a lot of preparations to be made still.
Anyway. I am loving the work. Wonderful things continue to happen. For example, today we had planned not to be in the office in the morning, as it is our Preparation Day, but for one reason or another, we had to be here, when a young family rang the bell. We let them in and they started to share their desires to get to know the missionaries, and the gospel and come to church! So awesome! I love doing missionary work and seeing the gospel light peoples eyes up and help them feel what theyre looking for. Wonderful.
Have a great week everyone! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! Love you all!
Elder Gibson

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