Week 94: Año Nuevo, January 2, 2016

Familia! Feliz año! Espero que les haya ido muy bien!

This week was very interesting for us here. But it was awesome.
On Monday we said goodbye to 5 missionaries. One left in the afternoon and the other 4 at about 11 pm in the airport, so that was really fun to be there so late. But no worries. Always a little sad to say goodbye to great missionaries and great friends, but the next day helps me get over it. Tuesday at 8am we were back at the airport! To say hello to 12 new missionaries! It was way cool. They are all great and are excited to be here. We were with them all morning, and all day. The best part, well a couple best parts, is their excitement for the work and their great spirits. Also its really fun to see them meet their new companions for the first time, and see that really President is inspired when he selects the trainers and their companions. It was awesome.
The next few days we really didnt do a whole lot.. We were in the office getting ready for a few trainings and things coming up. We also were able to proselyte. There is a part of the ward we´re in that the missionaries have almost never touched, called Santa Rosa y Villa del Contador. Awesome, and it seems like there are great people waiting for us. So we went on Thursday and surpirsingly people were in their homes, and they were welcoming and warm, so awesome! Then we were able to have an ok dinner, as just about everywhere was closed, and then a good night in my room until the German invasion began… Yeah there were tons and tons of fireworks and i did not sleep very well that night. But, i was able to eat some paneton and say Feliz año to everyone, it was pretty good. Then yesterday we were able to be in the office and continue preparing a few things and were able to leave and visit. But, we didnt have a chance to teach a whole lot, becuase no one was home. But we were able to find a new brother to teahc named Nestor, who is awesome and receptive.
Today we have just been relaxing on our PDay. Its been pretty great.
As a mission we have some great plans for January 2016 and for the year. We are really excited to get working and keep helping the Lord in this, His great work. I know that He has called me, He has helped me, and He loves me. He loves everyone of you as well with all of His heart and He is doing all He can to reach out to you and to help you. Look for Him, find Him and follow Him.
Happy New Year, i trust that it will be a great year for all and the Lord will be with you. Have a great week, i love you all!
Elder Gibson
heres a photo from the christmas season, a little late, please forgive…
Elder Gibson and Elder Fankhauser (he went home on monday)

From the mission blog:



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