Week 92: Feliz Navidad, Huaraz Style. December 19, 2015

Buenas Tardes!

Les escribo desde Huaraz hoy dia, después de una gran celebración navideña.
This week has been pretty good. We were able ot do some good stuff in the office on Monday tuesday and Wednesday. We also were able to proselyte a little bit. We are visiting a couple less active sisters and doing all we can so that they can read the Book of Mormon, because they really need it. They are great sisters and have lots of faith, its really fun to visit them. THursday we were in the office all day getting things ready for the trip that we are on this weekend. Thursday night at 10pm we got on a bus to huaraz. It was the worst. I didnt really sleep at all, and it was kind of hot. But, i survived, so im not complaining. We got into Huaraz at 5:30 in the morning, slept another 40 minutes and then we started interviews at 8am. Crazy morning. Hard to stay awake for some of the interviews. But the Lord strengthened me and we were able to feel the spirit really strong and help some missionaries. In the afternoon we had a few things to get ready for transfers, and in the evening we got to hang out in the rain for like 30 minutes waiting for a taxi. It was awesome. I was pretty tired but i just kept trying to go and the Lord helped Elder Weber and i. Then we had a delicious dinner of fried fish and then Elder Weber say a guy that he used to teach when he was here, they said hello and gave each other a hug. Then we were getting things ready for this morning and the same guy called elder weber. THe guy is named Manuel and he was with the ELders, and he called elder Weber to tell him he wants to get baptized today, Saturday, and the wants Elder Weber to baptize him. How awesome is that! The Lord works in mysterious ways, adn he knew that we would be here, so he prepared Manuel, so tonight well be going to the baptismal service, which is going to be awesome!
Anyway, today has been pretty crazy, We had a Christmas Devotional in Huaraz with the zone of 20 missionaries. We had lots of musical numbers and we watched lots of church christmas videos. It was awesome! I really felt the spirit, and i know that the reason we celebrate, the reason we sing is because Jesus Christ is our Savior. He was sent by His Father in HEaven to come to the Earth to save and atone for all of mankind. 200 years ago this our Savior was humbly born to Mary and Jospeh and know he reings as a resurrected God in order to help us return to His presence. i love Him and i love Christmas because of Him. Also, i had a ton of fun today because io got to dress up as Sant and hand out gifts to the zone, it was awesome, and we have 2 mor devotionals just like it coming up. Im super pumped.
Anyway,love you all! Remeber the real reason we celebrate and please think about Jesus Christ this week as we sing and praise Him and His birth.
Love you guys so much!
Elder Gibson!
Merry Christmas!

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