Week 90: I’m Tired, December 5, 2015

Its been one of the most different weeks of my whole mission.

The month of December is interviews month in la Misión Perú Trujillo Sur. Since we are the asistants we also take part in the interviews, of course its not really like an interview, but more like a short personalized training for each companionship. It has been pretty fun but also super tiring. This week we did 3 of the 8 zones, and i am so wiped out.
Anyway when President Uceda was here he showed and told us of the great power in the DvDs called Preach My Gospel the District 1 and 2. THe church filmed real missionaries teaching real people and each companionship has segments of that filming in order to help us all apply certain points, principles, and doctrines of Preach My Gospel to our teaching. Anyway, Elder Uceda said that we need to be reviewing them everyday and studying them. He promised us that as we do so we will become more persuasive teachers, more efficient teachers, and we will get closer to teaching the way that the Saviour teaches. Which is so important as we represent him and as we share his gospel to everyone on earth.
So as the asistants we are doing a companionship study with each companionship and we are helping them analyze and learn from a certain segment of their choosing. Its been awesome. The segments are from 3 to 8 minutes long and it shows a part of a lesson that the missionaries have where they really help the people understand something, but more importantly where they help the people DO something. Elder Uceda repeated the phrase, “Teaching is not talking. Teaching is discerning and doing things with the people!” So that is our big focus. We need to help people so that they can begin to pray, pray with real intent and look to connect themselves with the Lord. Also, we are to help them read the Book of Mormon, because if someone reads the Book of Mormon, they can and will feel the spirit and get to know their Saviour. We also need to help people attend church, because if someone is looking for the true church of christ, they need to come and see what it is like. So, that is our focus with the missionaries. We are helping them look for things in the videos that they can apply to their teaching methods, and to the people they are helping, and as they do so they and we have the promise that well be better teachers.
It has been a fun experience. I have felt the Holy Spirit in different ways this week .And even though we have seen each segment numerous times, i continue to find things that i didnt see before, and i like it.
I hope you all are having a great week. I didnt take not one photo again, sorry..
Keep praying and keep reading the book of mormon and go to church. You have only to gain and come closer to the Lord.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
ps if you want photos, there might be some here:

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