Week 89: La Gira Misional, November 28, 2015

This has been one of the most interesting weeks of my mission.

All started Wednesday morning, a member of the 1st Quorum f the 70, Elder Juan A Uceda came to the mission. We have had so far 2 multi zone meetings with him, a mission leadership training, 2 ward and stake council trainings, and my companion, president Rios, and i had a 2 hour meeting with him. So, i am learning a whole lot. A little bit about administration, delegating, working in stressful conditions, how to behave in the presence of a general authority, etc. But, the most important thing that i am learning has to do with how to study the scriptures better, and what really is the purpose of a missionary in these the latter days.
Ill do what i can to share a few things that i have learned.
About scripture study, Elder Uceda had (in the multi zone meeting) an elder draw a chess board on the white board, and asked us how many squares there are, as missionaries shouted out different answers, i was trying to see as many as i could, and, well, i wasnt close in the end, haha. There are 204 squares in a normal 8×8 chess board. Crazy. Elder Uceda related that to the scriptures, we can read the scriptures evevry day, adn we should, but most of the time we fall into superficial reading and we miss all the “squares” or all of the doctrines and principles that the scriptures really have for us. Elder Uced spent a couple hours on WEdnesday nd Friday explaining, one verse of scripture to us. To be honest, it was the coolest thing ever! I loved it, adn i am so pumped to get really good at seeing all the squares in the scriptures so that i can have spiritual power. Spiritualy power to help other people come to know the true gospel of jesus christ, but also spiritual power to over come difficulties that so frequently come into our lives. I tried these techniques this morning, and i was able to learn a lot from a verse i had read many times before. I testify that as we study in this way, and as we realy strive to find all that the scriptures have for us, we will see new things and the scriptures will become more and more marvelous every time we read them. Im excited to keep trying and looking for those answers.
On thursday we had a meeting with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders. Elder Uceda had the results of a Preach My Gospel survey that the mission took in September, and so he had  a few points to talk about, but we ended up talking about the missionary purpose, and a few vital things we have to do as missionaries to make sure that purpose is fulfilled. We are here to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the Restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end. We are not here to baptize the whole world as fast as we can. We are here to help people build their faith, and we have no hope of helping them if we are not building our own faith every chance we get. We help people build their faith when they Pray, when they really learn how to converse with their father in heaven and connect to him. we help them when they read the book of mormon, or we read with them, so that they can here the voice of the Lord in ther lives, and we help them build their faith when they attend church and feel the spirit. These are things that i have done what i can to help people do in my mission, i dont wannasay that i already knew all that, but looking back i have been able to help people really pray an really read, and it has made all the difference, sometimes i fell into the trap of jus talking and talking and talking through the lessons, and elder uceda helped us all see the much better more effective way. I testify that if missionaries all over the world can help people do these three things, we will have stong members coming inot the church, and we will ahve a strong church.
Anyway. i am learning so much more, and i am so greatful to be here. I love the Book of Mormon and i love helping people get to know it as well. I hope you all have a wonderful week and i hope that you all can personally connect to God and feel the joy He has for you.
Elder Gibson
heres a photo from a few weeks ago..
 From the mission blog:

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