Week 88: Said Goodbye. November 21, 2015

to two of my companions this week. They honorably finished their missions. Elder Meaker returned to Bellingham Washington and Elder Cruz returned to San Pedro Suli Hondorus.. Great guys and great examples, hard to say goodbye. Signals that im getting close to the end..

Anyway we had a pretty good week this week. We got to welcome 21 new missionaries to the Peru Trujillo South Mission, it was lots of fun and these missionaries are super excited to be here. I like saying hello to new missionaries much more than i like saying goodbye. Anyway we were with them all day, helped them get to know their companions and get on their way to their areas. Great people, all of them.
THen we spent a lot of the week getting ready for the visit from Elder Uceda, our area president will be visiting the mission starting next Wednesday, and i am way nervous. Im not sure what its going to be like, but it is going to be lots of traveling, and lots of work. But it should be good. Im hoping to learn a lot, and trusting that the Lord will help me with that. On Thursday night we went down to Chimbote and were there until Friday afternoon. It was great we were able to be with the zone leaders and help them get a picture of what the next week is going to be like. They are going to have to help us out a lot, so were letting em all know as much as we do about what its gonna be like. Then it rained last night, which is super rare for Trujillo, but for two months everyone has been talking about the phenomenon called El Niño, when its supposed to rain real hard, we all thought it was starting, but nothing, totally dry today. Oh well.
This week i have been ponderizing a verse in Moroni, and since i do it spanish, ima quote it in spanish. “Y Cristo ha dicho: Si tenéis fe en mí, tendréis poder para hacer cualquier cosa que me sea conveniente.” Moroni 7:33. Its awesome how powerful Faith is especially when we put it into our works. I was also thinking a lot about how the Lord and the Spirit want all of us to return to Their presence, but they will not force us because they respect our agency, and even when it comes down to spiritual guidance, if we have made a decision in our hearts, the spirit cant change it until we decide to be willing to follow what the spirit says even if its contrary to what we had previously thought. Very interesting how that works, but im greatful that the Lord respects my agency, and that He does everything He can to help me and all of His children come unto Him, choose His path and follow His gospel, because when we do things go so much better, and we are so much happier.
Anyway, i love you all! Keep acting on your faith in the Lord Jsus Christ, and stay willing to do His will when prompted so by the Holy Ghost. Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
heres me saying goodbye to elder meaker and elder cruz.

The handle on his luggage broke! It lasted through almost two years of almost constant, dragging and pulling!


From the mission blog:



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