Week 86: Huaraz, November 7, 2015

This week went super really fast.

Wednesday we made our way up to the mountains. We drove about 8 hours with president, my companion and the personal secretary. It was super fun. There is some amazing scenery in the Peruvian mountains. Super fun. We got there, and president extended the assignment of Asistant to the President to my good pal, Elder Weber. My companion, Elder Meaker is finishing his mission on the 16th of November, super crazy, so elder Weber is his replacement, my new companion. So we stayed with him out ther in Huaraz. Thursday we had a meeting in the morning with the whole zone, they all came to the chappel and studied personally and as companions and then they weekly planned, and we got to sit in on the sessions to help with questions and in any way posible. It was really fun and we learned a lot. It is gonna help us with the next few trainings. After lunch we were making our way to a village called Caraz that is almost 2 hours away from Huaraz, and on the way we stopped to take a lot of photos, it was super fun. We also went to this place called Campo Santo Yungay. in the year 1970 after brutally kicking the missionaries out of the town, a huge earthquake caused ice berg, water and earth to be moved and to cover the whole city Yungay, its a pretty crazy story, and it was wild to walk on the remains, thats all grassy land now, but still pretty cool. Anyway afterwards we had a training with ward mission leaders and stake leaders in the stake Huaraz, it went really well. Friday we visited missionarys rooms in the morning and made our way back to Trujillo. This time we were traveling with Elder Weber. It was pretty crazy and kind of uncomfortable, but also super fun. We had some tasty food while we were out there and got to drive through Casma and Viru, two of my favorite sports in the whole mission.
Anyway thats all that happened really, lots of fun and lots of work.
This morning in our office/district meeting we talked about th Book of Mormon and it reaffirmed my love and testimony for the book. I hope all of you can and are reading it, i promise it will enlighten your minds and your life.
I love you all!
Elder Gibson
me in campo santo with some wreckage.
me and president rios

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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