Week 85: Happy Halloween! October 31, 2015

Maybe you won´t believe it, but here in Trujillo they celebrate it. They put comstumes on, and go to houses and ask for candy, but instead of “trick or treat” they say “halloween” haha.. its awesome.

This week has been pretty good. President was in Lima the whole time, so i was nervous that the whole mission was gonna fall through, but nope, it went well. Monday we did a lot of looking at indicators and getting the scoop of how the zones are doing, it was good. Then on Tuesday we went to Chimbote. Elder Meaker got permission to go to his first area and look for converts and find em and try to help them in anyway that he could, it was cool, he found pretty much all of em. Meanwhile i was in another area with other elders. It was awesome, we had some really good lessons and i felt a great spirit. I love being with the elders and learning from them, and helping them out. I also got to eat lunch and dinner in an other pension, it was great. Then at night i was able to go to El Carmen, which was my area right before coming to the office, it was great. i was able to sit in on a meeting with the bishop, super fun. then Wednesday morning we were able to go and see a few people i taught there, super fun super awesome. Then in the afternoon we were in another Chimbote zone with other elders, continuing to learn, visit, have fun, and grow. I loved it and i learned a lot from the great elders that we have in the mission. Then we came back to trujillo and had thursday and friday all day in the office, exceptl last night, friday night, we were able to go on another work visit, (or as i think they say in english missions, “exchanges”) here in trujillo. It was awesome, i was able to be with a great elder, elder Wright and it was funny because everything fell through, haha. There was one closed door after another, until finally we were able to help a member family make goals and plans to come back to church and be really active in the gospel, it was great.
Anyway we are learning a ton in these visits. Its super fun and we are able to learn a lot about the missionaries and how we can help them be better teachers and even how we can train for the next few months, its all awesome.
Today is Halloween and i and the financial secretary dressed up as hipsters with peruvian twists (tire shoes and leather hat) and carved pumpkins! It was super fun!
Things are going good and im excited to see what President learned in Lima, and this week we have more traveling planned, even a trip to Huaraz, the mountains. its gonna be great!
Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon, have a wonderfull fast this weekend, and i hope you all get lots o candy.
Elder Gibson
chimbote travel
happy halloween

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