Week 84: Fast Week. October 24, 2015

This week was great! But man i was tired when we got back from the trip last weekend, just beat. but weve had a good, relaxing week here in the office.

On Monday, we were able to de a work visit with two elders by the beach. It was awesome, the elders are super excited and theyre realy willing to work hard and serve the Lord. It was real fun to be with them and learn from their example. Tuesday we were able to attend a couple district meetings in one of the Trujillo zones, it was awesome! I really felt that we dont have anything to worry about, that themission is in good hands and that thespirit really is directing the work and the ones who are called to serve. anyway, on tuesday i was also sick with some throat stuff, so i was able to take a well welcome nap, and then we were able to prepare a few things for the mission. Wednesday another day in the office, but we were able to leave and go to our area in the evening, it was awesome!  We met a guy named Ernesto, hes 85 and at first he was a little standoffish but as we shared a few verses from the Book of Mormon the spirit hit hard and helped him be more open, and he said hes gonna read it, so we are super excited. I promise you all that the Book of Mormon has real power, and it will change your life. I am reading it every day and i feel a great light from it and a great strength and power. I know it can and will be the same for all of you, no matter what who or where you are.
Anyway, this week was awesome, dont have enough time to keep going through the day by day play by play, but its been great. This week President Rios will be in Lima all week, so were nervous cuz were gonna have to run the mission, but it should be all right, haha.
Anyway i know its short again this week, but when nothing really happens, thats not normal, theres nothing to tell you all, ahah…
Keep reading the Book of Mormon, keep praying and keep serving. i love you all!
Elder Gibson
mm burger, elder meaker made fettuchini alfredo today, real good.
 IMG_0155 IMG_0252 IMG_0214 IMG_0251 IMG_0133

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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