Week 83: Yellow screen, new forehead. October 17, 2015

Im in a town called Casma tonight, its the zone where i started my mission. so i love it, with all of my heart, not as much as my first area, but close. anyway, the screen is permanently tinted yellow, crazy stuff, also dont trust it enough to send photos, sorry guys. Last Sunday i was here also, and i went proselyting in the morning and my face got roasted by the sun, and today my forhead stopped pealing, so as it says above, ive got a new forhead, haha.
Anyway, this week has been great!  its been a lot o ofice work, in the office everyday, getting ready for trainings and other things. but we have been able to do a lot of exchanges, ro work visits, with other missionaries, its been awesome to go out and be with them in the  field back on the front lines, its awesome. i have really been eeling the spirit of the work this week, even the office work, its number one.
yesterday, today have been crazy, tomorrow will be also. yesterday we got everything ready to be down in chimbote y casma this weekend, and then president, my companion and two of the secretaries and i drove down to chimbote for a meeting with the stake president. we got there, had a great meeting after a kind of long, but fun drive down. the stake has lots of difficulties as im sure it happens all over the world, but we felt a real good spirit and excitement. then we went to the mall to order pizza for the training today and eat idinner. we ate a peruvianized burger king burger, suuper tasty, and it was funny cuz the cashier flirted with the financial secretary, we lauighed long and hard about it haha. then we spent the night with some zone leaders, slept well. then we get up this morning, have a good breakfast and go back to one of the stake centers. we had a training this morning for all of the district leaders, it was awesome. great spirit. great elders, great training. it lasted about 2 hours longer than it should have, but we ate pizza hut and had a good time, so no one was mad. afterwards we get back in the car with two other elders and come down to casma. we had a training with branch mission leaders and branch presidensts, it was great. i got to see two members rom my first area, and i loved seeing them, they are wonderful guys. i would send you all a foto, but as i said above, dont trust the computer im at.
anyway, i have been ponderizing this week the verse, 2 nefi 2:28, its awesome, and i love that the holy spirits will is that we get back to and live in our father in heavens presence. thanks to the holy spirit we can have and enjoy peace and we can be quided to amazing eternal blessings, asi que, follow his quidance and keep the commandments.
i love you all! Ill try to find a good translation for the phrase “asi que” and tell you next week. please keep reading the book of mormon and loving the lord.
elder gibson

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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