Week 82: Another week gone fast. October 10, 2015

This week flew by!

We said goodbye to another group of missionaries on Monday.. It was kind of hard, a couple really good friends of mine have left. Great elders great guys. We welcomed another group of 17 sisters and elders to the mission on Tuesday. It was wild, they seem so young and innocent, haha. Lucky guys have their whole missions in front of them to work hard and keep learning, its awesome! Their trainers are great missionaries as well. Im not sure ive noticed it more than any other time, but the mission is in really good hands, and i am excited to see where they can take it, although i won´t see a whole lot…
Anyway then on Wednesday we were with President in his office all day. We talked about indicators and planning and Preach my Gospel. Its interesting becuase hes not super familiar with how things work in the mission field now, becaus he served so long ago, haha. But it was fun to help him get the hang of things. That afternoon we realized a big challenge in the mission and we switched the focus for the leadership council. We focused on only “housekeeping” things some would call it. But as we are a new mission we are just forming our own vision and the things that we want to accomplish.
So friday rolled around and we were with all the zone leaders it was great. We let them in on the vision that we want to have and i even had about 40 minutes of just “my” time to present. I talked about the weekly planning session. The great part is that Preach My Gospel gives us step by step alll that we need to do to have a succesful planning session and how to acheive our goals and the Lords goals. It was great. As a mission we are focussing on Preach My Gospel and it is becoming the big focus for everyone. For anyone at home i encourage you to become converetd to PReach My Gospel. It is a great manual for missionary srvice, but it also helps us and everyone form a solid personal conversion to the gospel, así que, read it and love it!
I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is the ticket to lasting happyness and peace. Please live it and love it. If you dont quite know it, or want to get a better grasp of it read The Book of Mormon and study the words of modern and ancient prophets.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
one of those great elders, Elder Aroapaza from Puno Peru.
Us watching conference as and in the office…
IMG_0624 IMG_0635
A leather hat he bought and was really excited about!
IMG_0123 IMG_0124 (1)
From the mission blog:



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