Week 81: Great Week. October 3, 2015

We did a lot this week, Sunday we were in one of my old zones, down in Viru for their district conference, it was awesome. We even got to do some proselyting with one of my old companions, Elder Anderson, it was number one.

Then we did a few things here in Trujillo in preparation, and on Wednesday we hit up Chimbote. We meet with the stake presidents every month, to coordinate missionary and member efforts, and we met with 2 of the threee chimbote stakes, and it was awesome, there is lots of growth and lots of challenges, but we really see the Lords hand in these meetings and i love it. We also had a training with ward mission leaders and bishops that went realy well, then president took us out to eat and we were able to talk about how the mission is going, and make goals and plans to keep moving forward. It was great, president is awesome and im feeling more and more comfortable as his asistant and helping the mission keep going. Thursday morning we met with the newest group of missionaries (Who now have 5 weeks in the mission, insane..) and their trainers. It was great! This last group is super preapred and we feel a great spirit with them, and i love their excitement and spirits. Then we met with the Seminary and Institute directors for half the mission and talked about how we can utilize this great tool to help youth and young adults here, it was great. Then we got some nice sea food and hit up Casma. Itsbeen over a yeasr since i had been in Casma, but i loved it so much! Its got a special place in my heart and the elders who are there are aweesome, and were excited to help the district grow.
Today we have been watching conference, and i love it! I really loved 3 talks. President Uchtdorf talked about living the simpleness o simplicity of the gospel and i loved it. Lots to think about. I really loved how elder Larry R Lawrence talked about customized spiritual guaidance and personal revelation, i loved it and i am excited to keep looking for that type of guidance. I also loved Elder Hollands message to all the dear mothers out there. I love my mom and all that she has done for me, still does for me, and will do for me. You rock mom!
Love you all. Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
its me. in the main square in Trujillo.

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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