Week 78: Good week, good sea food. September 12, 2015

I would like to say congratulations to Justin Gibson on recieving a mission call. He will be serving in the Buenos Aires Argentina Sur mission! Yes! Thats awesome, i am super pumped for him! Hes gonna do great!

This week was great. We had a multi zone training with 3 zones, so we had to do lots of preparing on Monday for that which was pretty fun. Then on Tuesday we were with the zones, Palermo Laureles, and Viru. Ive got lots of friends in each of those zones so it was awesome to see em and be with them. They are wonderful missionaries and great examples to me. There was a great spirit as we were with them and as we together realized and captured the vision of the area and the vision of President Rios, i loved it. We talked a lot about finding people to teach, focusing on the participation of the members because now a days the church would really like the members and full time missionaries to be very united in our efforts, so were changing the mind set of some of the missionaries, and doing what we can to be friends and gain the trust of the members so that we can work as the Lord and the Area Presidency would like us to. It was great, had a lot of fun and ate some good pizza.
Afterwards we spent the week getting ready for the next two multizones that are coming up. On Tuesday well be in Chimbote, 2 hours south of Trujillo, and well be with 4 zones, so its gonna be a big one, but it should be super fun. Tonight we are actually going down there also, so that president can attend a stake conference, and so that my companion and i can go to Casma and see how things are doing down there. Were pretty excited. I get pretty nervous being in front of the missionaries because there are a lot of much better missionaries than me in my mission, but as always if i trust in the Lord and the Spirit, things go really well and they help a ton.
This week we taught the first lesson to a young adult named Rodrigo. Hes awesome and has lots of desire. We really stressed the Book of Mormon and how key it is in the process to know that the Lord really restored His church and He actually talks to His children through living prophets. Rodrigo said hell read it, so im super excited to go back and see how it goes. We had the opportunity to teach it with his friend, and that helped a lot. Another testimony and witness really helps people feel more comfortable and more desire to get to know these things. But as always it all depends on the reading of the BoM and the prayer that Rodrigo will do. If he does that then he will know from God the truht of all things.
That is my invitation to all of you. Please keep looking for truths using the right tools like prayer and the word of prophets. Seek spiritualy guidance and youll find it. I promise.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
fotos: Ceviche de Pota (Squid!) suuper tasty, i loved it. Chicarron de pescado. (popcorn fish, or fish sticks) Super tasty also. So tasty i forgot to take a foto until i was over halfway done with the food…
IMG_0015 IMG_0014

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