Week 77: Office Life. September 5, 2015

Not to make it sound boring, because we do get a chance to serve in a different way here in the office, especially always being aroung President. But, sometimes i miss being on the front lines, sand on my shoes, and exhorting people to come unto Christ. But, as i have mentioned before, the Lord made it clear that this is where he wants me to be, and so im trying my best to magnify and work hard.

The biggest thing that happened in the office this week was Tuesday. Every month we get together with all of the zone leaders and have a training of the vision, goals, and plans, mission wide for the month. So we did it for September. It was great. Fun to have all the new zone leaders with us, and also the sister training leaders for each zone. While we were there the spirit helped me feel like the mission is in real good hands. I know it is, the leaders we have hear are awesome, and im greatful to be a part of this great work, and get to witness the growth of these great guys. Its weird how the spirit has become so personal and friendly to me in this part of my life. He knows just what to say and when to say it, and it always makes me know that my Father in Heaven is really watching out for me, every step. He is in all the details of this His work, and the lives of these His children. It was awesome, and i am greatful for the Spirit and his promptings and feelings.
Anyway we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon in this leadership council. I loved it, mostly because of the week leading up to it  i was able to really dig into the Book of Mormon and ask some great questions and continue to get spiritual witnesses and testimonies that this book really does come from God and He wants us all to get to know it. Get to read it. The reason is because the Book of Mormon only testifies of Jesus Christ, and as children of God, we need our Savior to return to our Father´s presence. I am so greatful for all that my Savior has done for me in his life, and in my life. Anyway, i know that The Book of Mormon: Another Testiment of Jesus Christ is a true book, a devine book, and a book that blesses the lives of everyone. It was fun, and the zone leaders and sister leaders and wonderful, converted and focused missionaries who are really going to be able to help the mission a lot.
Then we got to play soccer with all the leaders, and it was really fun. Then we had room checks on our apartment from Sister Rios, which had us crazy stressed, but we passed! We did really well, and im learning how to enjoy cleanliness and keep everything reeeaaaal tidy.
Have a wonderful week everyone. Remeber: Read the Book of Mormon: Another Testiment of Jesus Christ, everyday.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
1. Peruvian fast food, burger with fried egg, and fried banana. (a mixture of one of my favorite foods from home, and one of my favorite foods from 2nd home).
2. In-office-internet-time-new-haircut-selfie.
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