Week 76, Another Week, Another Group Of… August 29, 2015

New missionaries!

This week was very interesting. But super fun! Monday started out with a lot of other elders in the apartment, all the ones that were finishing the mission, so we got kind of trunky as we say in the mission. Anyway, so we had to help them get breakfast, and then help them as they had a self-sufficiency class, it was fun. Then in the evening we had a Family Home Evening, where President Rios explained the importance of eternal marriage, haha it was pretty weird, but luckily the lecture didnt last to long and we could enjoy a nice dinner, and then, they all surprised me and Hermana Rios had gotten a cake for me! It was awesome! They even did the fun tradition of Mordida. Where they slsmmed my face in the cake, it was way fun! Ima try to get you all a foto when i can.
Then we had to deal with all the old missionaries in the room again so we didnt sleep well that night.. Then we had to get up early and hit the airport. We picked up 17 new missionaries! It was awesome, and really fun. They are grat people. They have a great spirit around them, and i love it. We helped them get breakfast and then we helped them get prepared for some of the stuff in the mission. Then in the afternoon we were with the missionaries who were going to train and we had a really spiritual council with them and helping them get ready to train. It was awesome! Then in the afternoon the trainers met the trainees and we got them off to their areas. It was really fun, but really weird seeing people start the mission, fresh excited, and ready to work, it was really refreshing!
Anyway, then we did some traveling with President Rios this week and were able to be with some stake presidents and zone leaders. It was awesome to  be with them and to feel their spirits. I love getting to know the missionaries. They have such a great way about them. Good spirits and desires to work in the most rewarding work around.
To be honest the life is different here, and there are parts of normal missionary life that i enjoy more, but i know the the Lord wants that i be here, so im doin all i can. Learning a ton. President Rios was a institute director, so he has been helping me get better at my study of the scriptures and my teaching with them, so thats awesome.
Anyway, i know with all of my heart that reading the Book of Mormon will help you all have a better day and a better week! So, please do it, and please pray all the day.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
no photos this week, sorry…
He sent these in his email to me:
These are pics of him opening his birthday box! He received it before his birthday this year…one of the “perks” of serving in the office I suppose!
He also sent an audio recording of him opening his box, which I can’t upload here. It was pretty funny!
His 20th and last birthday on his mission!
IMG_0002 IMG_0004 (1) IMG_0005

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