Week 75, Happy Birthday! August 22, 2015

Well, this week was really different. But we were able to celebrate Hermana Ríos birthday last night, and that was fun.

Life as an asistant to the president is really weird. Its completely different than normal missionary life, and to be honest i miss a lot of what i used to do. I miss being out in the streets and talking to lots of people, and teaching lessons all day. Also sometimes we dont get personal study, and i miss that schedule when it was a part of my daily life. But, the Lord has made it clear to me that this is where He would like that i be, so i have been doing what i can to enjoy it and serve to the best of my ability.
Anyway, this week we had to plan 2 trainings, and more that will be coming this week ahead. But it was fun cuz we are able to plan what exactly we will train on and then we are able to study talks or scriptures or Preach My Gospel and get a real solid training. Then we practice a little bit, and get something ready to present. But, it turned out that we werent able to do the training because the elders that were supposed to make it were super busy with a masive marriage in one of the Trujillo zones, so president said its better that we do it another day. But well have more time to get things ready. We were also able to attend the massive wedding, it was really fun and my companion, Elder Meaker was really happy. He had to work really hard to get a document saying, delcaring, that the birth certificate that we were looking for, doesnt exist. He was calling people up and down the northern coast, and mountains of Perú, all the way to getting in contact with a Catholic father and asking him for help. Anyway, it all came down to a member in Cajamarca driving out and getting teh documnet and faxing it to us. In the end, it worked out and we saw the couple get married yesterday. That made it all worth it.
Thats about the biggest thing that happened this week. Trying to get used to the office life, but enjoying it as i go. On Monday we have a ton going on, there are 16 missionaries finishing their time and we have to help them be ready to go home. My companion, Elder Garcia, who is my companion right now, really my trainer because hes training me to be an asistant, goes home aslo, all the way back to Monte Rey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. So ill be saying goodbye to him and celebrating my birthday this week.
Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
sorry, no photos this week, but coming soon…!
From the mission blog:

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