Week 74: extraño al arroz, August 15, 2015

This week has been different.

This week we had some great lessons. We were able to teach a sister to help er stay excited for baptism, we were able to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help her over come some nerves and keep moving forward. Shes excited to get baptised soon. Then we were able to teach another sister named Coti, we went over the bapitsmal interview questions, and she knew em all, and answered with Faith and testimony, so were real excited for her as well.
Anyway, Thursday morning i got on a bus to head up to Trujillo. I stayed in El Carmen for one month, then i got changed, and for a few days i had to say goodbye. Had a good preparation day with the zone, then some great days for proselyting, On Wednesday at night some sisters threw me a birthday party because they werent going to be able to do it on tbhe 24th because im not going to be there. So here is a picture of what they cooked for me! In SPanish its called, arroz a la jardinera con pollo frito, y cuando pica mucho mejor. Fried chicken and rice with a kick. Anyway, its been weird, im spending much more time with president rios now and we had the opportunity to travel back to Viru, the area where i have had the most time. Love iut there and exciterd to keep working there.
Anyway, not a whole lot of time left, love you all have a great week!
Heres a photo of my old companion and i easting my favorite dish here in peru,and another of my new companion and some reallly old ruins..
Con mucho amor,
Elder Gibson
IMG_0776 IMG_0763
I forgot to tell you last week, in the office of the mission our PDay is on Saturday so im writing you today, and just so you know for next week so that i can read all that happens at home. No worries for not writing me, its my fault. Anyway, things are going awesome, really ejoying the work. Its really different, but i really do enjoy it. its really different, but i am getting used to it. We had some fun today, went to some really old really coolruins, and on friday we were able to go to Viru and have a great day there, so after 7 mnonths there, and being gone for a month, i was able to go back, and i love it. Oh and we cook for oureselves every breakfast and sometimes other meals here in the office, its kinda really different but my new comp Elder Meaker knows how to cook really well, hes helping me a lot. Especially buying groceries. Coking isnt hard,just buying food, haha. Anyway, my package should be here soon, i might open it up before, if its here, haha.

Love you tons mom! Have a great week! Dont forget, every Saturday i will have time to write, not Monday. Send tons o fotos, and please make sure Justin and Ethan and Dad know that as well.
Your son and elder,
Elder Gibson
IMG_0744 IMG_0746

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