Week 73: Good week, great week. August 10, 2015

This week was really cool. It was kinda hard to find people to teach, but we were able to participate in some cool activities.

We had interviews with President Rios, Hermana Rios, and the assistants. It was awesome, President Rios challenged me to go scooba diving in the scriptures, and i have been tryin to do it, and i am learning a ton, and loving the Book of Mormon more and more. We were able to do a really cool practice with the assistants teaching the Resoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but including temples, and it went really well. Afterwards, we went with Hermana Rios to each room in the zone, checking out the living conditions, and the things that they lack in their rooms. It was really fun to get to know the mission presidents wife more, and to see how we all can improve in the way that we live, be more organized, etc.
Then on Thursday we were able to participate in the stake youth conference, answering questions and getting kids pumped to serve a mission! It was really fun, there are some great youth in the stake, and i hope that we were able to help them get excited, because missions are the cooliest.
Friday we had our zone training, but it was more like a zone conference. The mission is putting in practice a new form of learning and teaching, and it comes mostly from a talk that Elder Bednar gave in the newmission president Seminar, in 2014. THere are three steps, Preparation, Interaction, and Invitation to act according to what was learned. Ive been dubbing it the Round Table style, and we are loving it. Got the whole zone talking and we learned a ton. Really loved it.
Sunday we saw something super awesome! We are teaching a sister, Coti, and she is excited about the restored gospel, and she has been listening to the elders for months now, and she is reading the BoM and doing all that is necessary to come unto Christ, and on the 20th shell be baptized. Yesterday, she brought her husband to church, It was awesome, and he loved it! and so did we! So anyway, we gonna have a great month.
I hope you all had a great week, and keep having one! Love you tons!
Elder Gibson.
Keep reading the Book of Mormon
heres a foto of me and my companion from Surco, Lima, Perú, Elder Tirado.

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