Week 72: Hello August, August 3, 2015

Its pretty hard to belive that it is already the month of August in the year 2015.

But the work keeps going, as hard as it is.
I was sick this week, but a sick that just wiped out all my forces, it was super hard to keep awake and stay focused. But we had to keep going.
So we had a few good lessons, but also a lot of closed doors and a lot of walking around, not really finding anyone. one of the great lessons we had involved a recent convert, a recently active member, and an investigator. We talked about the voice of the spirit. It was really cool. We helped them all think about how they have felt the spirit before in their lives, and the kinds of things that He, the spirit helps us understand. it was really awesome, the people seemed to really enjoy it.
We also were able to help a recent convert family have the desire to read the Book of Mormon as a family, which as you all know is a huge blessing that will enrich their lives, so were really excited aobut that.
Anyway, i know its a short email, and you all are probably waiting or expecting something spectacular, but just know that im doing awesome, and the work keeps moving forward.
I gained a testimony of the atonement a little more this week, in that there are so many things that i cant accomplish, because of my weaknesses, but the Lord makes them happen. He makes up all the diference, and i am forever greatful for it. There are so many times where ive seen it in the lives of other people, where even after messing something up in a lesson, they progress, all thanks to the Lord. Hes amazing and he loves me and He loves you! All we need to do is have the desire and try..
Have a wonderful week!
Elder Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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