Week 69: Transfers! July 13, 2015

Well after almost 7 months in the wonderful zone of Viru, i am being transfered. Tomorrow i will be in my new area, el Carmen in the Chimbote Peru Stake, pretty awesome, should be a real good time. A few elders have pointed out that i am likely going to my grave, my dying spot. (here in the mission we say an elder dies when he finishes his time, kinda funny, haha.)

Anyway, we had a pretty great week! We jad a multi zone on Tuesday where we got together with our zone, zona palermo and Laureles in Trujillo. We were able to listen to President Rios as he gave a powerful welcome and message. He talked a lot about obedience and shared some awesome scriptures that really got me pumped. Got me pumped to, with the time left, give all that i got and all that i am to this service. Not hold anything back, because that is what the Lord requires of me, and i am willing to give it to him.
We also had a great zone meeting on Friday, talking about the things we heard from President Rios and a few other things we wnated to put in practice in the zone, were pretty excited. We also presented the zone goal in a fun way. We´re going to have a Harvest Festival at the end of July if we meet the goal, so we had a preview of that with some corn stalks, haha, really fun.
Its always weird to leave an area, especially because we have been working hard, and we get acostumed to the poeple and the way of life. But as a missonary, i trust in the revelation that the president recieves and i know that where ima be at in Chimbote is where i need to be at, and i am excited to keep meeting more people and keep becoming more and more the person that the Lord would have me be.
We had a few people here in Viru Puente that are progressing towards baptism and i am really excited to here in a little while how things will be progrssing and how my companion keeps things rolling.
Anyway, short email, not a lot of details, i know, plus internet is bad, but anyway, i hope i can get a photo off.
Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon and keep bein awesome!
Elder Gibson,
fotos, harvest fest preview, pizza we found last week. Pretty good for peruvian style.
IMG_0665 IMG_0681

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