Week 68: Happy 4th of July. July 6, 2015

Honestly, we didnt celebrate anything on our end for the 4th, but today for our preparation day activity we gonna eat pizza, so ill count that as my celebration. But, we also got to go to theTrujillo Temple.

It really was number one. Friday morning all the zone leaders in the new mission met in the Temple and we were able to meet the new president, President Rios. He is awesome, a short guy but a fireball super excited to make things happen, and a powerful spirit. It was the most beautiful thing to be able to be in the temple again and feel the great spirit that always acompanies these grand sacred buildings.
Anyway, we also had a good week being able to teach a lot of people. Weve got a few people who despite it all seem to be progressing. Leandro being one of them. Im not sure if ive talked about him, but hes 18 and lives alone and is finishing high school. Weve taught him a lot and hes come to church twice now. We have  alot to teach all people, adn a lot of it can be new and different especially in a place like where were at now. So Leandro has been a little hesitant on some points and some things, but he said hes going to read the Book of Mormon, and he keeps coming and letting us teach, so were excited for him.
Things ar going good down here in Peru. Weve had some growing pains as we change missions, but the Mision Peru Trujillo Sur is now in full strength and  were loving it, as are the missionaries.
Keep reading the Book of Mormon, keep praying. Give thanks to the Lord for what he does for you, and ask blessings and questions, He will answer.
I love you all!
Elder Gibson
pics, one from a hike we had. Last day with my first and grand mission president, President Marler
p.s. New mission address if it is that you want to send Elder Gibson a package:
Mision Peru Trujillo Sur
Urbanizacion California calle Los Tilos #440
Peru Trujillo.
IMG_0636 IMG_0646

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