Week 67: It was Cold. June 29, 2015

Not really, its still been pretty warm, but i had an intense cold all week, lots of used tissues and snifles, and coughs, but the work kept going!

Weve been having great spiritual lessons, and people getting excitd about what we teach em, but to be honest, they have been having a hard time attending church, which is sad because if they dont come they miss out on the fulness of the restored gospel. But, we are still excited, and so are the people. This week we ahve done a lot of visitng in some over looked parts of our area. But, we have meet a bunch of people who are receptive and excited to be listening to us, so there really isnt a down side.
Anyway some of the biggest news is the on Wednesday the mission splits. We get a new president, President Rios, and we are super excited. We had to say goodbye to our beloved president, President Marler, but we are pumped for President Rios. He is going to bring all kinds of wonderful excitement to the mission, and to our district. The district president will benefit so much to be able to have so much close one on one time with the mission president. We are really excited!
Anyway, sorry for the lack of specifics this week, know i love you all!
Heres a photo of the 24th, Ethan Gibsons bday and how i celebrated.
Heres my companion and i!
Elder Gibson
IMG_0592 IMG_0641
This is the group pic from the last meeting with President and Sister Marler before the mission division:
last marler group pic

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