Week 66: Quiero agradecer, June 22, 2015

a todos por su gran amor y ayuda y apoyo a mi y mi familia.

This week was a great one, as you all know (well maybe not all of you, but some) this weekend was the Dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple. It was awesome. I really loved being able to see President Uchtdorf in a different way than the normal. He was very funny and energetic to be there this weekend, and he talked a lot about how great it was to celebrate Fathers Day dedicating a temple to our Father in Heaven, i loved it. It felt good to be able to listen to the messages and enter the temple worthily, (cuz in dedications the chappels turn into temples) anyway it was number one. We alos got to see the Cultural Celebration, it was way cool! We were inviting a lot of people and we went to the chappel to see it. Really fun, and reminded me a lot of when i was ableto participate in the Boise Temple rededication and the celebration, i really did love it.
We also had a great week teaching a lot of people, and a lot of them are working towards keeping commitments, im not sure why or how but the Lord helps us so much to be able to complete his work. Im so greatful that He works so hard for me, and that He alows me to be so much more than i am. We were able to teach and speak and lead and act and grow in ways this week that without him would otherwise be impossible.
Anyway, this is the last week of the Mission Peru Trujillo. Next week it splits, and we get a new president. It is going to be quite a change, but its going to be fun and im excited for the things to come.
Keep reading the Book of Mormon, keep praying, and moving towards your Lord Jesus Christ, and your Father in Heaven.
Love you all,
Elder Gibson
Translation: I want to thank you all for the great love and help and support to me and my family.

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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