Week 65: Peru Trujillo, June 15, 2015

Sur! Yup, im staying here in Viru for one more transfer (i guess im calling them changes, its becuase in spanish here in the mish we call em “cambios” which is translated to changes, and since i havent served in an english speaking mission, its much easier to say  changes  instead of transfers. Anyway, its true. Ill be in the Peru Trujillo Sur mission, the peru trujillo south mission. On July 1st we get a new mission president, assistants, boundries, name, office, everything. It is going to be crazy. But, also super awesome! Im real excited.

This week, on Sunday the 21st in the national fathers day holiday with all kinds of traditions, but also here in Peru it is the dedication of the Peru Trujillo Temple. We are super pumped for it.Weve got a few recent converts that areazdy ahve their recomendation and are excited to go. It will be in three sesions and we have been advised that we go to all three, which is the cooliest.
Anyway. we are still finding lots of people to teach and helping lots to keep going forward. Its sometimes hard to keep track of everyone we need to teach, and everyone we need to help stay active, or retain. But the work continues, and we love it. We had a couple really awesome lessons this week, where we were able to follow the Spirit and show people how personal and how great the gospel is in our lives. We helped them realize gow the Book of Mormon can help in any situation and how the Spirit talks through the pages to us and hepls us come closer to our Father in Heaven. It was awesome, i lovewhen the spirit guides us in that way, and when i am able to follow it, cuz sometimes i get nervouse or pridefull adn dont follow the spirit, but i  know its always 100% better to do as the Spirit directsbecause he speaks for the Lord, and the Lord knows all.
Anyway, love you guys. You are the cooliest. Keep reading the Book of Mormon and look to God in all that you do. He loves you, He knows you, an He wants to bless you.
Elder Gibson
heres more photos of the temple, at night, and with Roberto, recent convert.
IMG_0533 IMG_0550

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