Week 63: Hello June. June 1, 2015

I only say that bcuase today is June 1. And May went by way to fast. Way to fast.

This week was awesome! We were able to go to the temple two times! The Open Hosue was a great as ever. I love the Trujillo Temple, its awesome. We wen ton Tuesday and on Saturday, and on Wednesday we had the leadership council, where all the zone leaders and sister leaders in the mission get together for a training to set things up for the month. It was awesome! But it only left us 3 days of proselyting. We still worked hard though, and have some great things coming up in the month of June.
Victor was baptised this Saturday. It was an awesome service. The branch we are in had 2 baptisms, 3 really, one in our area, one in the other elders´ area, and a banch baptism of an 8 year old. It was number one. The service was awesome, the other caompanionship did a great job planning it and getting branch support. We loved it, and we felt the spirit! It was a crazy day though, in the morning we cleaned the cappel, and got the fon ready, then ate lunch and left early for the temple with Roberto recent convert and some pals then got bakc it Viru just as Victor was walking into the chappel. Im  not sure how He doe it but the Lord really helps us out. He somehow makes everything fall in place, and i am super duper glad He does. I couldnt do nothing without Him. (please excuse the double negative, but in Spanish theyre normal, so i se em all the time.)
Anyway, the work keeps on, and we keep loving it. I am sp greatful for all of your support and i hope everything goes really well for you all!
Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Love Elder Gibson
Victor, E Cruz and i
the whole group
IMG_0566 IMG_0567

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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