Week 61: Templo de Trujillo, Peru. May 18, 2015

Yup, we went to the Trujillo Temple Open House  this week. On wednesday we went with a recent convert, Fiorella. It was awesome! We hopped on a bus and drove up there, and then we were able to go thro ugh the tour. She loved it. Its pretty much the prettiest building in all o trujillo, and so she was pretty surprised at how big and awesome it is. As were we. Every time i go in, i just wanna touch all the fine workmanship, and even get a nice close up look at the oxen, but i cant. Still, i  super love the spirit that we feel as we walk in. It kinda púts it all in perspective. The temple is really why were here as missionaries, helping people take the first step to return to live with their Father in Heaven. It was awesome. Then we went on Saturday,  expecting to have a meeting with the district president and with president Marler, but it didnt happen. We got pulled into helping watch peoples luggage. There were groups of people who had driven hours and hours to be there, which is a great blessing for them, but kind of casuses a little bit o chaos for the temple commitee, haha. But it was awesome because i was able to see some of the members of my first area. Yup, after almost a year i was able to see em. It was awesome, i was super pumped.

Anyway, speaking about the first steps to return to live with our Father in Heaven, Roberto Gil was baptised on Friday night. Hes a 17 year old young man, and we had a great service. Lots of member support. He was super pumped. Were really excited to help him recieve the priesthood in these next weeks, and start going to seminary. Hes a great kid and he wants to be a missionary, so were excited and greatful for him.
Also, i think you all will remember the couple that we married in January, Victor and Rosa. Well, Victor has commited to being baptised this Friday. So, we will be working real hard this week to make that happen. Hes been keeping most of his commitments, so were pretty sure hell make it, but were gonna need a lot o help this week, and those after as he begins to make the necessary changes ot live a mormon life.
Anyway, my companion is doing great and helping me a ton refocus and work real hard. We love the work and know that our Savior lives and loves each and every one of us!
Keep reading the Book of Mormon, keep praying. keep forgiving me for the lack fo photos…
Con amor y cariño, hasta la otra semana,
Elder Gibson
From the mission blog:

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