Week 60: Mother’s Day, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother´s Day to all those mommys out there, even though it was yesterday.

We had a crazy week this week. Ie had two companions this week. They both were my first Latino companions. Elder Iturralde finished his mission and goes back to Santa Cruz Bolivia tomorrow, but he was with me this ast week, after 7 months in a nother area in the zone. He extended for the temple open house. Then Elder Cruz came in. Hes from Honduras, and ehs awesome. Bringin loads of animos, excitement, to the zone and helpin us get pumped.
Anyway, we had a great week. On Thursday we had a mission leadership m eeting, and a special pre open house temple tour. It was awesome. This temple is hue, and beautiful, im so pumped that i got to go in, and that i get to help other people go in during this month, and then later in their lives to do ordinances.
We have two people who are going to be baptised soon! One is a 17y/oyoung man, Roberto. Hes been reading the book of mormon on his own and loving it. Hes been coming to activities and loving em and hes been coming to church i a white shirt and tie, so hes just super ready and excited. On Saturday at three is the service, ill send photos! The other is Victor. You all will remember the couple we married in January, Victor and Rosa. Rosa was baptised in February, and Victor has finally picked a date and said hes ready so on the 23rd hell be baptised, im really excited to help him to that.
WE also had some wedding miracles. No one in our are got married, but there was a wedding here in my area and people didnt need a birth certificate which is always the hardest part about the weddings here. Anyway, the mission office sent us threee couples (their papers) the day after the papres were due. So my comp and i had to be in Trujillo, so another companionship went and the lasdy at the court house was surprisingly open to letting em get married. So one was done, then on friay we had to do some running around tol get the second married, and we got the papers in and done. Thn saturdaay morning, the couple, the third couple, that wasnt going to get married showed up. So, there was a member there who came ot support the first couple. She helped us a ton, she got the mayor and the records guy to agree to a deal, so we ran around and got other papers done, and they got married. Wish i had mroe time to tell more details, but anyway it was a miracle, and were super happy that the Lord softened hearts and let em get married.
Anyway, more miracles on the waay, just gotta keep working. I love you all so much and hope everything is going well. Kerp reading in the Boo of Moromon and keep praying. And keep excusing me for the typiing errors that frequent every sentence of these emails.
Love you all, con cariño, cuidense mucho!
Elder Gibson
ps no photos this week, computer probs. sorry. I have a cool photo with the mayor i wanna send… next week.

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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