Week 59: Changes, Big Ones. May 4, 2015

Well, my companion, Elder Endicott has finished his mission. His parents came ot pick him up on Saturday, so we spent the whole day going and visiting and saying goodbye to people. It was cool, fun to see these great people again, and to hawve them say goodbye to elder endicott. Learned a lot from him and i am grateful for the time we to be companions.

Anyway, we had  great week! Lots of walking, for some reason not a lot of people were nto in their homes, but we still we able to have some good lessons. We have been teawching this kid, Roberto, hes 17 and hes really awesome. Hes already moving through 1nephi, hes in chpter 11 i think, and he is really understanding it, and loving it, its a miracle. Hes ready and willing to be baptized, we just need to convincve his mother to sign permission, which will be easy as long as hes talking to her and letting her know the things hes learning and his disres. We have even talked to him about a mission, and hes excited to have that opportunity. Anyway, last week he didnt come to church, and we were pretty bumbed, but he came yesterday, and stayed all three hours and even wore a white shirt and tie. It was awesome, we were pumped for him. We also had a great turn out of people we hadnt seen in a few weeks, i think they mostly came to see and meet elder endicotts parents, but hey they came, and most of em stayed for the whole three hours.
My new companion is Elder Cruz from Honduras, i havent met him yet, hell be coming tomorrow, but im excited. Hell be my first latino companion, so ill really get good at spanish now i think, im excited to be able to work together to help the zone really grow. Were gonna have threee missionaries in their training, so we have the responsability to really help em get pumped about the work and love the things they do here, which will be awesome!
Brother Endicott, Elder Endicotts dad, was talking a lot with us o Saturday about how necessary love is. Especially in leadership and in missionary work. He said if people know you love em, they trust you and they are willing to keep commitments, and do those things that we ask. It really impacted me, i have been thinking a lot about it and how i can have more love for everyone and help them out. So i am gonna be working on that a little bit, developing real true charity.
Anyway, love you all! Thank you so much for your support and all that you have done, are doing for me. Keep reading the book of mormon, keep praying, and love the gospel.
Elder Gibson
1st pic, elder endicott and me on friday night.
2 us and the other two elders in the apartment, the bolivian one finishes his mission next week. We enjoyed ice cream and nuty bars.
IMG_0400 IMG_0398
The pics below were sent to me via text from his companion’s parents who were picking him up at the end of his mission. They are the Endicotts who know Bette and Steve Gibson, Alex’ grandparents really well. They have worked with them on the advisory board for their academy in the Philippines. Amazingly small world!
FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender2 FullSizeRender3

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