Week 58: Feria de la Ciruela! April 27, 2015

Festival of the Ciruela! This past friday asturday and sunday was the festivalof the ciruela here in Viru. It was a huge festival for this red fruit called la Ciruela. Not sure if there is a comparison fruit that you all would be familiar with.. But its pretty good. There was jam, candied ciruela, ice cream, and cake, and we had a few minutes on Saturday to try it. The ice cream was the best, i loved it. We were ableto score abig ol waffle cone for less than a dollar.

Anyway, that wasnt the best nor the most exciting thing that happened this week. We had interviews, with the mission president, President Marler and his wife, and the assistants to the President. It was awesome. President helped me learn a little about repentance and feeling the Spirit and how the Lord will speak peace to my mind, and when he does, i just gotta trust it. Then he also talked about miracles, and ill tell a couple small miraclesin a minute. Then presidents wife, Sister Marler talked about the Book of Mormon, and how it really does testify of Jesus Christ. She gave us a challenge, to read the Book of Mormon, marking every reference to the Lord our Savior and God. Tell you what guys, it has been aweesome! I have read pretty quickly as in 3 days im in 2nefi, and my pages are filled with orange because of all the references to God and our Lord. I have absolutely loved this challenge, it is helping me think about the different ways that the Lord appears in my daily life. So, any of you who may be doubting it, i challenge you to do the same. Look dilligently for the Lord in your reading, and you will see just how much it testifies of him! Then the assistants helped us realize how great he pamphlets can help us teach.
Anyway, a couple of miracles we saw this week is that we have tow investigators who are reading the book of mormon on their own. Tellin you guys, this is a miracle. One of em, Roberto is reading a ton, and he is really understanding it and loving it. THe other, is Percy and he is really interested as well. We are really pumpedfor these guys to help them keep progressing. Its awesome!
I love you guys! Kep being awesome and loving life. And read the Book of Mormon, looking for the testimony of our Savior!
Elder Gibson
no photos again, sorry, but next week ill get some!

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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