Week 57: District Conference. April 20, 2015

We had a great weekt his week. THings are moving a long. Were finding new people to teach and trying to stay alive in the heat.

THis weekend we had our district conference. It was pretty awesome. One od the mission presidency counselors stayed in our appartment on Friday and Saturday night, which was kinda weird. But he came in after we had fallen asleep, so not to bad. Anyway Saturday was the adult session, and here we attend that session, so we helped the primary choir sing a couple great songs on family history and the temple. I was awesome, and we had a good turn out as well. Then yesterday we had no elecricity in all of the city, haha, so for the majoprity of the priesthood session in the morning, we couldnt really here. But then in the general session they had brought a generator and they place was full, almost 400 people came, it was aweosme. We even had two investigators show up. A guy named Percy who has been reading the book of mormon nd his little brother came, it was number one that they showed up.
Another great thing was that we were able to do has been read the book of mormon with a recent convert. We had bee over a fewtimes this weekand each time they hve seemed realy stressed and on end, but aswe have been able to read and pray with them, a tthe end of he lesson i ahve been able to see a new light in them, and they seemes koind of revived. So im telling all you guys, keep reading the book of mormon, it is the best defense for eveything and it will bring peave into your lives and help you allcome close toChrist.
Anyway, short email ahain,crappycpmpter today and unable ot send photos. But i love oyu all and am very gratefulfor your love and suipport.
Elder Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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