Week 56: Another week, another month, another lesson and another sweaty day and brown collar. April 13, 2015

Thats right, yesterday i hit 13 months, and i am sad. I really wish time would get running as i crawl.

We had a pretty week this week. I had a lot of fun doing a one day transfer with an elder, Elder Iturralde, from Bolivia. Hes a real fun guy and is ending his mission in 3 weeks. We had some good lessons. This week we have done a lot of reading the Book of Mormon with people helping them understand it and taste of the delicious words. We went to a sister, Josefa, who was baptised almost a year ago and since then has paassed some reall rough times. She was in the midst of one on Thursday evening and we went and read with her from 1Nephi 18 when Nephi anhd his family were on the boat, and his brothers tie him up, all that jazz. But NEphi keeps praying and trusting in the Lord, and he is freed and immediately he prays and the waters are calmed. So we talked about how the waters in our lives are almost always like a tempest in the sea. And always we can continuallly give thanks to our FAther in HEaven, and just as he did for Nephi He can calm the seas of our lives.
I testfiy that this is true. Prayer and the Book of Mormon are the greates strengths we have in this life. Always they will give us power to keep going and they will calm the seas. So, if any of you all is passing through hard time, pray, and read, and trust in the Lord. You can even tell him that Elder Gibson promised you Hed help, and i know He will.
Love you all, i am greatful to be here, and to have had you all in my life. Keep reading the Book of Mormon, keep praying.
Elder Gibson
me, and an elder in the zone, Elder Arias from Buenos Aires Argentina. Good guy, we spent Monday night in the clinic in Trujillo, which was fun and very different than Viru.
My watch broke, the one i had had all last year of my life. Good friend, but gone now. SO got a new one, almost exactly the same.
IMG_0339 IMG_0341

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