Week 55: Conference. April 6, 2015

Wow, conference was awesome.

We had no success in getting investigators to come to watch it with us in the chappel. But, we were able to watch most of the sessions in English, which helps a ton cuz translators are just not the same. One cool thing is that we get to watch the seventy who speak in spanish, in their native tongue, and understand it all. Which i love.
Anyway loved all of the messages. There was a theme of enduring to the end which i was greatful to hear. It is gonna help me a ton when i can reread em and drink em in. One message i loved was from another energetic seventy, ELder Kevin W. Pearson. I loved the phrase, “Stay by the tree” it remeinded me much of Joe Litster, who always said to us, “Stay in the tent” The best defense to being disanimated, or distracted, or depressed confused, etc. is to stay where we know we are safe. id the tent, or the tree. President Brigham Young used to say, “the old ship zion just another way to tell us to keep coming to church, keep reading the scriptures, keep praying, keep doing those things that have helped us in the past, and never forget those feelings of peace we have so dearly loved is past, easier times. President Young also reminds us that we need ot stay in the boat even when the water is easy, cuz who knows when a storm could come, and were lost at sea.
Anyway, not a whole lot o time today, but i do want all of you to remember to stay in the tent, stay by the tree, and stay in the old ship zion. Keep readiong your scriptures, keep praying, keep coming to church, and keep feeding your spirit with spiritual experiences. I promise that as we all do these things, the Lord will allow us to see His hand and we will love Him and His work for us.
I love you all! Keep up the great work and forgive me for no photos this week, and for such a short email.
Elder Gibson
These are pics from the mission blog by Sister Marler.
They helped with an eagle project and did a book drive and then read to children.
reading to children in peru
On April 3, they had a leadership council for the Zone Leaders.
leadership council leadership council 1 leadership council 2IMG_8149

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