Week 54: Good week. March 30, 2015

Things keep rolling along here in Puente Viru, La Libertad, Peru. We had a pretty good week. Its been kinda a challenge here this week to teach a lot, we had high hopes at the beginning of the week, but something happened where we werent able to get in as many houses, and people just werent home. But we did have some pretty good lessons, of the ones we were able to get. Changes happend last week so there are a few new faces in the zone. Weve got two brand new missionaries and were excited to help them get into the siwng of things and really begin to love the work of being a missionary. Weve also got another new guy, but hes got 6 months lready, he just came form another zone, but all three of them are really excited to be here and to work, which really is what we need.

This week we ahd commited a lot of people to go to church and we had high hopes and it was looking pretty good, and then the attendance dropped 20people, which is not fun, its been kinda hard throughout the zone, but the missionaries keep staying excited, which i am loving to see. Anyway, missions are ups and downs and hard, but i love it.

This week a member from Trujillo came down to doa big family history rally. It wa sawesome, he gave a really god message on Sunday, and then had ana ctivity where all the youth came and indexed and got on family search.org. He really got the members, and us, pumped, and soon well be having a family history center hre, which will be a huge blessing.
Saturday night the chappel got robbed and the thieves got away with a computer and  aprojector, so were not sure what were gonna do for conference this week, or what were gonna do about the doors and the alarm system here. It was prety interesting going to church and seing things pretty beat up, but the church and the work keep going nonetheless, and the spirit was still felt in the chappel.
One of our investigators has a fox puppy, and its super cute, so ill send a pic of it and my companion.
Love you all! Keep resading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
Actually no pics, computer being lame. Sorry, love you all.
He also sent this for Winston:
Heres how i celebrated Wins birthday.

1. A fox puppy wanted to say Happy Birthday Winston! We all love you!
2. I put on my party hat, ande my party shirt, and drank an ice cold coca-cola.
IMG_0325 IMG_0327

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