Week 53: Time is amoving. March 23, 2015

Its my companion, Elder Endicotts, last change in the mission, las transfer, last six weeks, starting today. Crazy.

Anyway we had another good, really hot week. This week has been worse cuz its raining at night and that makes it really humid during the morning, so super hot, all the time. I tihnk the top of my head got burnt this past week, haha.
But we had a really good week. We were able to teach a few new people and invite them to get to know the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The most precious thing to me of my life. Sometimes people reject and disgrae things that we cherish, especially in the mission, and its hard. It makes me mad at first, and then sometimes just sad cuz people are rejecting happiness and peace, and comfort, and eternal life. But, thanks to a loving heavenly father they have the choice, and they will also still have every chance to accept this gospel. I just hope they do. Also, sometimes you teach and teach people and they progress and they promise to you as well as the Lord that theyre going to keep all the commandments, including go to the three hours of church, and then they dont.. They trust in the world and their own strengths and fears instead of the all knowing all loving being who created them. This has been on my mind a lot lately, especially yesterday as we had people give us invalid excuses to not come to church, or to skip out, and i just felt sad. Sad for what they were missing out on. Maybe im begining to understand a little how my Father in hEaven feels when i, in my own ways, reject him. Luckily Jesus Christ came to earth, and he lived. Lived a perfect life, then died and apid the price for me, and then he was resurrected and He Lives, and he Loves and He is here to help. Luckily and thankfullly we can all come to Him and take advantage of what he offers us. I inite you all to do the same, it may be hard, it may seem ilogical, but it is 100% worth it.
Another thing that happened this week is that we had a big district wide family history activity yesterday. We did a lot of idexing, and starting family trees. It was awesome, and people were excited to be doing it. Excited to prepare their ancestors and great grandparents to recieve this amazing gospel of which i have testified and try to tesify each day. We have the opportunity to offer these poeple, our loved ones who have passed away, salvation. In this process we gain our own.
Not sure why, but just feel like testifying to yo guys. Im not just here in Peru in Viru cuz i wanted a two year tie wearing vacation, im here because i know that God called me here to help His children come to know His gospel.
I love you all and hope you can accept Him and have a ownderful week. Read te Book of Mormon, say your prayers and talk to God, and go to church.
Elder Gibson
IMG_0314 IMG_0312

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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