Week 52!! Hot week. March 16, 2015

Yup this week was hot, really hot. Im getting pretty smelly by the end of the days. haha. But its awesome, im still loving it. I hope everyone was able to wish a happy birthday top my mother on tuesday, shes awesome, and deserves it!

Last mondaqy was awesome, we climbed into a moto taxi to go to an appointment and ran into the sister of a recent convert. We had met here before but she never seemed very interested, but this time we were able to talk to her and she even showed us her house, we met her husband and children adn we were able to share a quick, spiritual message on prayer, it was awesome, i was super glad we were able to do that, and recontact her.
We were also able to meet a kid that a member family brought to church. Roberto is awesome, hes 17 and understand really really well what we teach him. Sometimes here people dont really follow what we say, and we needto ask and repeat and repeat to help them understand, but roberto gets it, its awesome. Anyway hes really excited about the gospel and the member family is giving him some needed family love, and we invited him for the 4th of april. So well see how he goes. He may have trouble with his parents giving permission, but were still excited. The coolest part about him is how much the members are getting involved, they have such poweer. Trust me all you members out there, you ahve power in helping people come unto the gospel. It even talks about it in preach my gospel, and many prophets have talked about and promised every member a misisonary, so do all you can to help spread the joyous message of the gospel!
Love you all, thank you for all that you do. Keep up the great work! Read the Book of Mormon.
Elder Gibson
the pics. 1 The great food i had last week in the mall in Trujillo. medum pizza, pizza roll, twister from kfc, french fries, inca kola, ice cream.
2 Sometimes letters dont make it very well…haha could still read it and im greatful for the Boise Idaho North Stake High Council for the letter.
IMG_0289 IMG_0293

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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