Week 51: School starts today, March 9, 2015

Thats right, here in Viru Peru all the schools start today, so there will be less juveniles running around the streets from now on. Im interested to see how it effects teaching, it shouldnt to much, but well see.

This week was awesome, we had two full days in Trujillo form meetings. We had a big multi zone where we were greaced with an awesome training. We had to put a big ol handful of rocks in our shoes when we entered the training, and it was awesome. President Marler talked about how we each ahve rocks in our shoes, whether they be sins, or just weaknesses that slow us down, and how we need to be removing them as often as we can so as to be able to run and work at full strength. I loved it, i topened my eyes to somethings that had been slowing me down, and i was able to take em out my shoe, and get going, it was awesome. The Aps talked about goal making which was one of the things that helped me take out my rocks, and get going, which i loved also. Then the next daay we had mission leadership council, as a zone leader we get together with preswident and all other zone leaders in the mission once a month for a training and to be able to talk about the needs of the mission and the misioanries. It was awesome w etalked about being more spiritual in all parts of our lives and thats something that i have been trying to do more this week, and its helping a ton, loving it!
Also, im not sure how it is in the rest of the world but here in Peru the missionaries attend branch and ward councils every week, without fail. This week, yesterday, we had one of the best councils ive seen. On Saturday the whole district, 5 branches went ot lima to he temple, and a family in our branch was sealed, and another sister endowed, and so we were able to utilize a form called progress of new members and activating members which has been a huge focus of branch councils for the past year, trying to get hem to use the forms, and we were able to use em yesterday, it was awesome A big hurrah. Anyway it pretty much means that the branch is groing and that the district is as well.
Anyway, this email has been a little selfish and not a lot to talk about who we taught this week, sorry guys. These are just the things on my mind, and some of the bes advancements this week. Love you all, keep reading the BOM!
Elder Gibson
here are two photos of studys this morning. (ive been taking less photos lately, so i knew i had to take some today.)
IMG_0288 (1) IMG_0287 (1)
From the mission blog:

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