Week 50: March is a milestone. March 2, 2015

In twelve days i hit exactly one year in the mission field and its really a sad interesting thought. My whole life i hads dreamt of being a missionary and all of a sudden one year of it is just about gone…. Weird.

Anyway we had a good week this week, we were able to teach a lot, and were loving it. On wednesday wewent to this part of our area that is kind of far away. There isnt a lot of work going on there ever cuz its far from the chappel, and people are pretty poor so they dont trabel, nor want to, to the chappel often, but my companion haad never been and we had a reference out there, so we went. It was cool, i kinda felt like one of the missionaries from old, not know anyone just going out trying to preach the word. It is a really pretty part of the are, but no pocutres, sorry. We were able to find some less actvie members who seem ready to accept the gospel again and come back, unfortunately, didnt come yesterday. But it was fun to be out there.
Another thing that happened, one of our recent converts, Alan, moved to Barranca which is like 5 hours south… SO we really hope he can attend church, im bumbed hes gone and a little nervous that hell keep going, cuz hes living with his older borhter no one else, and an older nonmember brother isnt the best safety net for a new young member, but once the ward in Barranca gets his papers, theyll help as well.
Anyway, like always, the mission is full of trying to help poeple understand that life is eassier as we live the gospel, and that the Lord understands better than we do, so we need to have the faith to live the gospel even though sometimes it appears illogical, especially to a poorer peruvian, but i know the gospel of jesus christ is where we find true happiness and i promise you all that if you turn to it, you wil have the help and hope of your eternal father and savior.
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
ps no foto this week, just  a selfie from last night.

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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