Week 49: February is ending. February 23, 2015

Crazy. March is coming all to quickly, and its supposed to get even hotter here in March. I think i might melt at some point. Although sometimes i just roll with it, and try to enjoy sweating through my white shirt, haha, and it works.

Aynway, we had a really good week this week. We have had some good opportunities to teasch and testify. We have ben getting a little better at teaching, and i ahve realized that a we let people talk and work things out in there own head, they learn more and when we let that happen, especially if we ahve members with us to testify and be friends, the spirit really pours out understanding to the minds and hearts of the people. Im super greatful for the spirit, cuz as the scriptures say, without it we can not teach. Thanks to the Lord, he is willing to give us his spirit and help us feel it, and thanks to taht we can learn and grow and understand the mysteries of the kingdom of god. Love learning.
The other area in the branch had a baptism on Saturday. The husand of the couple that got married was baptised. It was awesome. He was super excited and heppy to be able ot make that covenant with the Lord. We watched a couple Mormon Messages as they were changing, and the one thats called, Daytons Legs really hit me, it does everytime, i just feel the Spirit and the love Christ has for us. Then we watched one in english i think its called bEcause of him, in spanish Gracias a El, its awesome, also gets me everytime.
Anywany, great weeek behind, great week to come, loving the work. Getting nervous that time is moving so fast.
Please keep reading the Book of Mormon, it is delicious.
Love you all,
Elder Gibson
photos, one at the wedding last week, another some good chicken i ate last monday.
IMG_0197 IMG_0247

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I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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