Week 47: It was Cold. February 9, 2015

Not really, its been about 85 every day, and super humid, and our fan broke, so its been kinda hard to study as my sweat drips off my face. And i had an intense cold cough this week, but still loved it!

Monday was a relaxing pday, we played monopoly, and well do taht again today. Tuesday we had a real good day proselyting. Wednesday we were in Trujillo for the monthly leadership meeting with president. My companion lost 100nuevos soles, about 35dollars on the bus, we think the guy found it after we got off and stole it, sad morning. But then we had a really awesome training, learned a lot. We also then were able to watch Meet the Mormons, the churchs new movie. I loved it, and think that you all should go and watch it! Thursday we had interviews. It was awesome. President Marler is talking a lot these days about being a consecrated missionary, so i have been trying to be better at that, and hope that the Lord makes up for my huge weaknesses. We also got a little more excited to utilize the area book as best as possible from sister marler, so weve been doing better at that. Then we had a monthly meeting with President marler, and the district president, President Blas, we talked about monthly district goals, it was great! Friday was awesome as well, and Saturday we had a baptism! We helped a couple get married in January, adn the mother was baptised on Saturday. The service was awesome, srtong spirit adn support from the members. Then, she showed up an hour early to church, just to be ready, it was awesome! Weve also been visiting a lot a 17yo named Alan, hes got plans to be baptised on the 14th, and he and his member aunt, and us, were all super pumped. Hes been reading the Book Of mormon, and loves coming to church, so were real happy.
Changes happened, and im staying here in Viru with ELder Endicott, and im happy about it. 6more weeks, and i am way pumped!
Anyway, love you all! Hope things keep being awesome. Keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
ps, i also was able to eat a twinkie this weeek. My companions parents sent me one, and i was super greatful.
IMG_0187 IMG_0194
From the mission blog when the President Marler was interviewing missionaries in Viru.

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