Week 46: January went by fast! February, 2, 2015

How am i supposed to do all that i can, or need to if the months and days keep going this fast?

Anyway this week was great! We had some pretty good lessons. If you guys remember that family w married, the mother is going to get baptised this saturday, th seventh, so we helped her pass her baptismal interview, and get excited about the Book of Mormon. Shes pumped, and so are we! Her daughter also passed the interview, but shes not sure she wants to get baptised yet. She hasnt yet given us a real solid reason why, so its been kinda hard. But after her mom gets baptised, we think shell make the decision, and choose to come unto Christ.
Last Monday we had a pretty good PDay, we went to an ancient Incan castle, it was really cool. Super tall on a mountain, so it has a wicked pretty view. I would love to send all them photos, but i cant, so ill send a selfie of me and other elders on the way to the castle, and one day you guys willl see photos.
On friday there was a tri-ward talent show, it was awesome! Lots of fun. The numbers were well done, and  a lot of people showed up. I wasnt a part of it, cuz we havent had any time to try and forge a talent, but we had some investigators and less actives show up, and they really enjoyed it.
Justin turned 18 on Sunday, i hope that you all were able to send him birthday wishes.
Anyway, weve got a great month of February coming up! Lots of people to help come unto Christ, were excited and greatful to be here!
Love you all, keep reading the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson
He sent these to Justin for his birthday and said:

I celebrated by eating a liter of ice cream on Friday, and then on Sunday a Christmas Tree Peep.

Hope you had a great on man, love you!
IMG_0182-2 JBDAY-2

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