Week 45: Another week down and January is ending. January 26, 2015

This week was awesome!

The biggest thing that happened was that we hlped Victor and Rosa get married. Marriage here is difficult, and 80% of people arent married. Theres a lot of paper work taht is needed, and a bunch of other things. But! It happened, the Lord helped and blessed us a ton, and they were married, and were pumped! The couple loved the humble decoratons and food that the relief society was able to bust out, adn they danced for a couple hours, haha. Honestly i wanted to dance really bad, but as missionaries, we dont, so i had to fight to keep my cool, haha. But it was great and the mom, wife, Rosa, is excited to be baptised on teh 7th of February! It was awesome, after the wedding we had a celebration with a bunch o cereal and milk, it loved it.
The other cool thing that happened is that we committed a young man, Alan to baptism on the 14th of February. He is a cool kid, his aunt is a member that is coming back to the church, and he lives with her. He came to church the week before yesterday and loved it, and he loved it even more yesterday. Hes reading the book of mormon everyday, and real excied for the 14th. We are super pumped as well!
I was able to celebrate Wess 21st birthay on my own in the room. I put on my party hat and my party shirt, and ate some Paneton, it was awesome! I hope everyone was able to wish him a great day.
Anyway, the temple dedication is getting closer, adn there will be a cultural celebration on th 20th of June, i imagine BYUTV will have a broadcast of it. Keep reading the Book of Mormon, and reading!
Love you all!
Elder Gibson
IMG_0061 IMG_0096

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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