Week 44: Great Week! January 19, 2014

Great week guys! Fiorella was baptised on Saturday, and confirmed yesterday. She is very happy to be a member of the church, and so are we! It was a good, small service, and the spirit was there strong. She even wants to start visting other members and help them come back to the light of the gospel.

Here in Peru its pretty hard to get people married, but weve got a couple being married on Saturday and on Wednesday we got all the paperwork in! On Tuesday i got pretty sick, to the point i blew chunks, but had to keep going cuz we had a training to give to district leaders, and the mision in the afternoon to get papers in. That really was what kept me going in the afternoon, and it worked. But after the papers got in, i got wicked tired, haha. But then i was good on Friday, and am much better today.
One thing i realized this week. We as missionaries and members of the church understand how amazing the oportunity is to live the gospel and obey the commandments, but most others have a hard time seeing it. We have been really exhorting people this week to pur their trust in god and live his gospel and do what he asks, cuz when we do life is better, more happy. I promise you all that with the Lord things are better, and we can only be with the Lord through obedience to His commandments.
THe Peru TRjuillo Temple dedication was announced! On June 21st 2015 the temple will be dedicated and we are pumped. Were not sure what exactly will be our part in the program, but were excited nontheless. We love temples and wee know that that is where we can make eternal promises with our Father in HEaven to live with him forever, in his presence glory and joy. We are helping people understand that.
Love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! Keep praying, and go to church!
Elder Gibson
p.s. Everyone better wish Wes Gibson a grand happy birthday this week!
 IMG_0028 IMG_0004
This was a pic Alex sent to Wes saying, “Here are some animals i saw in my area this week, they wanted to wish you an early happy bday!”



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