Week 42: Viru! January 5, 2014

Well this week has been crazy. I moved! I moved one hour south of Trujillo to a small town called Viru. Its awesome! More like where i started, in Huarmey, but much more green! Its awesome. We live in pretty much a farm, haha. There are animals everywhere. Its beautiful. Things havent been to crazy with my new assignment, just different in the morning, we have to do some administrative things, and make sure that the zone is running well. Viru is a district of branches, so i went from a ward to a branch, but it is still strong, and the members are awesome.

For New Years, i finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! Whoo! Also, there were hundreds of fireworks, it was cool. We were in the room, but we ate a paneton and had inca kola, and played a rousing game of Uno. They also burn big ol dolls of old clothes here, so a few of those went up at night, it was way cool.
Were teaching a sister named Fiorella, shes excited to be baptised on the 17th. We just need to make sure she stays single, haha.  Shes been living with the same man for 10 years, but she finally kicked him out, cuz she ants to be baptised and improve her life, so we and the branch are helping her have the strength to stay single and keep doing the right things.
There is another family that has plans to be married on the 24th and to be baptised. Theyre awesome, and keep coming to church. Were very excited to help them in this path.
Well guys, my camera is busted, so the only photo i have is from a few months ago, hope you like it!
Elder Gibson
p.s. Read the Book of Mormon!
Elder Gibson’s camera is broken, so until he gets a new one I will be uploading any pics of him from the mission blog.
This is a pic of Alex at a leadership council in December 2014 in Trujillo.
Alex at Leadership council Dec. 2014

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