Week 40: Chrismas comes this week, as do changes. December 22, 2014

Well im pretty pumped for this week. Im excited to really see how Christmas in Peru will be! Ill try to take a bunch o photos, even though im not sure ill be able to send em… And! On Sunday well know what changes come, if any, so thats on the horizon, and the possibility of me being changed as well.

Anyway, we had a wonderful week this past week! Lots happened, and we really enjoyed it. Theres not a whole lot of time this week, so ill tell you guys about 2 really awesome experiences this week!
First, we have been teaching a man named Nelson for a few months, just about since Elder Anderson came. And it was pretty hard to find him some days. He wasnt home, or couldnt make it to the appointments. But we always felt the spirit when we were with him, so we never gave up. Anyway, at one point he went out of town. And sop it was a awhile before we saw him, but when he come back we were able to meet with him, and he then expressed to us some health issues hes had for about 12 years, some things with his leg, and he has never been able to find a cure, never. But he went up into the mountains of Peru for some sort of different medicine, more natural. Anyway he had a really cool dream where he saw us, and then afterwards woke up and was able to run for a little bit. So when he got back, he was excited to be able to share that with us, and he has a lot of trust in us now. But, we had one lesson this week where he was super sad. He had just been told that hes pretty much dying, theres no cure. So he asked something from us to help him, from the scriptures. So, we shared with him 3, Romans 8:37-39, Alma 7:11-13, and one in 3Nefi 14:9-11. It was awesome because the spirit was with us so strong and he was able to really be uplifted, and he was actually happy when we finished. It was number one! The power of the scriptures is real! The Lord talks to us through these books, and these words, i promise you all can feel this power! Please go read these scriptures and others to hear the words of the Lord, and be uplifted!
Then on Saturday, we had a Christmas concert, Every year, in the main square of Trujillo the mission does a big ol Christmas concert with tons of special musical numbers, and a choir. This one was my first obviously, and i loved it! The spirit was there so strong, and there was just a great energy. At the end, a Santa came down and shared with the kids, and we did a sort of Farris Bulers typre thing for that song in english and spanish Feliz Navidad. Oh man, it was awesome! Loved it!
Anyway, love you all! Keep being the best ever! Read the Book of Mormon, especially if youre down or need some help from someone so greater than all of us.
Elder Alex Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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