Week 39: Another Week Down. December 15, 2014

Hey, i finished 9months this week! Isnt that insane! And yet, sometimes i feel like im still in my training with all of the things im learning. This week really was great though.

Last PDay we had a fun day with the whole zone, all 27 of us. We made a skit for the Christmas program as a mission, which was fun. And then we played futbol, as always,haha. Then on Tuesday, we had our zone training, and Elder Anderson and i were able to talk about how to fight getting and being disanimated. We talked a lot about diligence, and how keeping working really helps a ton. I was even able to use one of my favorties quotes from my days as a priest, Stay in the Tent! We also read from Doctrine and Covenants 121 when Joseph Smith is in Carthidage Jail, and how Joseph so openly prayed and cried to his Father in Heaven, and how really we cna do that any time we need, and He is always there to help us! His love is always there, and sometimes the only way He can help us, is if we express our anger, or sadness, or frustration with Him, and as we do that, He can help us. So pray anytime all the time!
Then, we had a baptism on Saturday, which went really well! It was a small service, but Mayra loved it. She felt the spirit very strong, and loved being there, were going over tonight to talk about it, and help keep her going forward. As well as trying to get her husband closer to baptism himself.
Thats all i got time for this week, and i dont trust this computer enough to send fotos this week, but next wek for sure! Merry Christmas, and i hope that God will be with you all!
Love you all!
Elder Gibson

About rossanneg

I am the mother of five amazing sons that I love dearly.
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