Week 38: Further into December, December 8, 2014

What a week! Lots of things learned and enjoyed! We were supposed to have a baptism on SAturday, but things didnt work out and so well have one on this Saturday, the 13th, and were pumped! The sisters name is Mayra, she is married and has a 7 month old son, who is wicked cute, haha. She has had years of experiences with the missionaries, and is finally married (as of a year ago) and ready to make this step in her life. Her husband wont be baptsied for a little time longer, but all of Mayras in-laws are members, but they dont attend, except her father inlaw is coming back, slowly. Were pumped to help them in this journey, and through their questions and investigation we have learned a lot as well. More details and photos to come!

We also helped a couple become active again in the church. Most of you will remember Valery, who was baptised in October. Her grandparents are officially active in the church again, and are going strong. We love it, and theyre great people! They have even given us a couple of refferals, which we always love, more people to teach!
This past wek we have been handing out a bunch of cards that have “El es la Dadiva” written on em with a link to the churches new video, “He is the Gift” Theyre awesome, cuz it is helping us contact more, and talk to more people, and spread the spirit of Christmas. We love it!
One thing we learned this week, is how to really focus, when we plan, on the peoples needs and then makes lesson plans to really help them progress, including leaving commitments that they can keep that will help them grow their testimony. It may seem pretty obvious, but its something that realy hit us this week, and were going to be applying it in the weeks to come.
Lvoe you all! Read the Book Of Mormon, and keep praying!
Elder ALex Gbison
ps here in Peru, the tradition is to eat fruit cake. They buy the cheapest ones in the beginning of the month, and then on Christmas, they have the most delicious one, so were waiting till we get one thats really good. Let you know if that happens. Heres my face with Inca Kola!!
Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Nana and Grandpa Gibson were in Peru to teach at their academy, the Academy for Creating Enterprise and got permission to take Elder Gibson and his companion to lunch! Here are the pics from his grandparents.
photo (1) photo (2) photo (3)photo (4)

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